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  1. Have a wonderful time! We’re on her for an Eastern for spring break, love to see how you like it and Coco cay.
  2. For our cruise it’s $93.99 pp. Is that normal? Is there a chance it’ll lower?
  3. To answer your question above @5thgirl, it’s a free pool built for cruise guests to use. Costa Maya really was built with cruisers in mind. If you’ve ever sailed Carnival, they have a similar set up at Grand Turk.
  4. When I book it online, it’ll only let me put one name, not all four of us. Will that be ok to do if it’s just under my name?
  5. When I rent one of these, does it come with a water park pass for all guests in the cabana, or do you buy those separately? It’s a bit confusing bc the cruise planner site says “Thrill water park cabana and pass.”
  6. Dole Whips are the greatest thing ever; it's one of the reasons why I always try and stay at the Polynesian (no lie). In Vegas at the Linq Promenade, they have the swirly rum places that serve them...in yards.... It's dangerous. And if they can make them good on the ship, I'm in deep trouble! lol!!!
  7. For my Disney people, I promise I'm on the right board. So the GOAT drink is the Dole Whip, which originated in WDW and it's pretty much a pineapple daiquiri. So we're in Symphony next week; does anyone know if they serve these?!?! Pretty much most ships don't think outside the "pina/strawberry/mango" box.
  8. I've got to be honest; you and CLR have made this week fly by! Only 8 more days for me; this helped a looooonnggggg work week go fast!
  9. We are in boadwalk balcony, and we ordered two more for our girls, so ours will be in our room, I'm guessing? And if that's so and we want soda for our lunch at windjammer once we get on the ship (before we get to our room), how can we get soda?
  10. My DH and I have been watching you do these on scope. I want to try one when we’re on in two weeks.
  11. Alright, I have a mission for you. You must ask a bartender to make you a Dole Whip drink (it's basically a frozen daiquiri, but the juice flavor is pineapple). It'll change your life!
  12. You’ve reminded me. Just threw in plastic straws for my Walmart pickup tomorrow. Paper straws are pointless! PS- what’s the drink with the pineapple? Is that a Dole Whip?!?! If those are on the ship I’m in big trouble.
  13. Well it helps us, too, with the choice that we live south of the city, lol!
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