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  1. You are so right! I think we will decide last minute and see what develops. My travel agent is leaving on a cruise this week and she said that she is not worried one bit. She said that she has many travel agent friends who are cruising now and have had zero issues.
  2. When I talked to Carnival yesterday, the lady said that I did not have to rebook on the same ship or the same itinerary.
  3. My husband and I are trying to decide whether or not we need to cancel our cruise that departs on March 22nd, and would like the facts about how much the cruise industry is being affected by the Coronavirus. We are not worried at all about getting sick, but we are concerned about missing our ports of call or being quarantined for 14 days. It seems as though the media is exaggerating the situation. So, does anyone have hard facts to help me make an educated decision about cruising next week? How many ships have been quarantined? How many ports have not allowed cruises to dock? Are their any ports that have temporarily closed to cruises out of America? If our itinerary is changed, when will we be notified? For those who are cruising now or who cruised last week, was your trip impacted? If so, how? Thank you so much for any help you can provide. I really don’t want to cancel our trip!
  4. Will you keep us updated in regards to Covit 19 affecting your port stops or cruise in general? I’m not scared of the virus, but am scared about how all this media hype might affect my cruise that departs in 12 days! Hope you have a wonderful cruise and that nothing interferes with your itinerary!
  5. We have taken the exact cruise, and it was hand's down, the best cruise we have ever been on. It is so port intensive, so you are smart to relax on the beaches most of the time. San Juan - I would do the forts. You can easily walk there. You can get some fabulous pictures while walking around the fort. If you want, bring a kite, and fly it with dozens of other people. St. Thomas: I would do Megan's Bay or Sapphire Beach. Neither one are that great, but you get more beach time there than if you go to St. John's. Most of your St. John's time would be spent traveling back and forth. St. Kitts: We did the zip line. It was the highest, longest zip line ever ( a total of 5 different ones as you make your way down the mountain) I was terrified. It is 500 feet above sea level. St. Lucia: BEST EXCURSION EVER: We did the segway excursion. We rode through the mountains and along the coast. We also went snorkeling and hiking (or if you prefer, you can chill out on the beach instead), and tasted local food and drinks, etc. It was a jam packed excursion, and we enjoyed every second of it. St. Maartan: We went to Orient Beach. Not sure if it's open after the hurricane. There is a clothing optional part if you want to partake Barbados: We took a catamaran sail and snorkel trip and fed the giant sea turtles. It was really cool and laid back. Hope this helps!
  6. Do suite guests also get priority tender times for tender ports? Thanks,
  7. Well, now I am curious! What are the "new" desserts that you are all talking about? Please tell me they didn't take away the chocolate melting cake!
  8. I have stayed on the spa deck on the Magic, and it was fantastic. The decor in the room is a little nicer and you will have spa bath products instead of the usual soap and shampoo in the dispenser. You will have free access for two to the spa amenities like the sauna, mineral pool and heated loungers (which are heavenly right before bed). You have to have your sign and sail card to get into these particular rooms. You will also have robes and slippers in your closet and yellow Carnival beach towels. However, we did feel movement on the spa deck. Because it was so close to the front of the ship, we could feel the front of the ship going up and down in the water for the first couple of nights. Despite the movement, I would choose the spa room every single time over a room above the lounge. We stayed below the lido deck once and will never do it again. We were awoken every morning to the sound of chairs being dragged around. It was terrible. Also, if you have never had a balcony, do it. Having a balcony makes all the difference on a cruise! It is so peaceful and relaxing.
  9. The only port we have missed was Costa Maya in March. It was a beautiful day, but the captain just couldn't get us close enough to the docks because of the winds. We were all refunded our port fees and the bar waiters passed out free drinks on the lido deck to everyone as an apology. It wasn't too bad!
  10. We have purchased two cabins since our girls were 14. When they were 14 and 15, we purchased two balcony cabins and opened the divider between the two balconies. It was like having a two bedroom/2 bathroom suite! It was fantastic! When they were 16, we purchased an interior a few doors down from us. I was a bit nervous with them a few doors down, but they are good girls and wouldn't get themselves in bad situations. This time, we have an ocean suite so we are all together.
  11. I prefer the anytime dining. The early dining is sometimes difficult to make on port days that end at 5:00. If you are doing an excursion and get back to the ship at 4:00, it is difficult to get everyone through the lines to get back on the ship, get to your room, get showered, dressed, and down for dinner by 6:00. I really like to come in from an excursion and have a drink or two on the balcony and then get ready. And sometimes, you are just pooped after an all day excursion and need a little nap. If you go down to dinner and you have to wait (any time dining), it is never very long and you can always have a drink while you wait. We have only waited a few times. Usually, we are seated right away unless it is a sea day. And, we found out on our last cruise that you can request the same wait staff team each night with anytime dining. We love anytime dining and would never go back to early seating.
  12. We are cruising out of Tampa in March and plan to come down one day early. Is there a hotel that offers a stay, park, and cruise option? If not, are there any other hotels you would recommend - especially ones that come with a free breakfast? Thanks so much!
  13. Hi, everyone! I am wondering if any of you have suggestions for excursions while we are docked at Grand Cayman. We have already been to Stingray City, and while it was fabulous, we are looking to do something different this time. Do any of you have recommendations for an excursion that doesn't involve the stingrays? Any great beaches or other fun things to do in the area? We will have two 18 year olds with us. Thank you!
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