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  1. Thanks for the info. I board the crown next friday
  2. Badgeaz


    If you checked my posts. I said I'd be happy if I got an higher category inside cabin I never said I was wanting a balcony. Respectfully
  3. Badgeaz


    We are gonna enjoy are inside cabin I've heard you sleep better because it's so dark.we will be spending most of our time enjoying the ship and the ports
  4. Badgeaz


    My ta just sent an email from princess upgrade to balcony at $250 per person. I said yeah um no
  5. Thanks for all the tips. I'll be curious if my ta even contacts me if princess sends me an upgrade offer. This is the 1st and last time I'm using a ta
  6. Last conversation I had with my ta. She said I will email you if you get an upgrade offer. She also said. Make sure you ask at check in if their are any free upgrades. So I'm thinking if I don't here anything within the next 4 weeks than nothing is gonna happen
  7. I'd be happy if princess gave me a higher category inside as an upgrade or even a obstructed view inside if that even exists. I think I saw those obstructed view inside cabins exist.
  8. Badgeaz


    I leave in 6 weeks but nothing yet from princess
  9. Badgeaz


    Congrats. How many days or weeks out is your cruise.
  10. Well it's been a,week I doubt I moved up much
  11. At least based on what I'm told my inside cabin is far enough away from the pool on the crown where it won't be an issue acording to past cruisers who have been on the crown
  12. When the cruise was booked she did the checkmark upgrade list. But she said there are 19 people ahead of me. So that's why she said I would not hold your breath about a upgrade
  13. Since I'm fully paid should I use my ta for a upgrade to Oceanview or go thru princess
  14. My final payment is made
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