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  1. I'm in the same situation as well, and would rather get the refund instead of the FCC. I would hate to be one of those who cancelled early but only to find out your sailing was cancelled and you could have gotten a refund.
  2. Definitely anything after 12pm will be fine. It only takes 1-hour from the port to the airport, but we got to the airport too early, and could only check-in 3-hours before our scheduled flight. Also, try not to fly into Canada if the US is your final destination. Our flight from Rome to Montreal was delayed several hours, and little did we know that US Customs closes at 8pm. Even though our flight from Montreal to home was still at the gate, we were not allowed to board because US Customs had closed for the evening. All US bound travelers were forced to stay overnight, and it was a scramble to get flights the next day.
  3. When the ship is docked, you may see some spawns nearby. I don't remember any stops or gyms being in proximity of the ship where you can still use Voom though.
  4. We've done Anthem spring break cruise which was basically the end of winter/beginning of spring in terms of temperature. The seas were a little rough leaving NJ but calmed down as we got farther south and the weather warmed. My teen daughter had fun in the Living Room and it's basically near the Seaplex, which is where all the teens hang out if they aren't in the Living Room. Sorrento's and Cafe Promenade are open for late night snacks, and the hot dog place in the Seaplex is also an option too. If your cruise is in February, the activities like North Star and iFly probably haven't been released yet. Try to do North Star when you are in a port because doing while at sea is a bit boring compared to having a higher vantage point of things you can see. Once you get on the ship, go to the ipads at Shore Excursions and book the Escape Room/Puzzle Break. Anthem doesn't have the dedicated Escape Room like the Oasis class ships, but it's a fun activity that's still "free". Entertainment/show wise, we only watched We Will Rock You and passed on everything else. We spent a lot of time in the Music Hall, and there's always a rotating cover band performing (we had Journey and Aerosmith).
  5. I would go with Anthem since the bumper cars in the Seaplex, iFly, and the North Star would be fun activities for the two older kids. The iMessage exploit is also great if you have iPhones.
  6. We did the Anax resort which is affiliated with St. Johns. We contacted both and St. Johns wanted us to put a deposit on the credit card. Anax didn't have this requirement, and we kept in contact with them over e-mail about pickup. We had to go to a specific location to meet, and i was so happy that we were able to just pay when we got to Anax. They have two infinity pools but and access to rocky beach. You tell them when you want to go back to the drop off point, and it's just a short walk to the ferry. It was really windy and the water was rough, so the pool access was perfect.
  7. Two rooms is the way to go. He can come and go without disturbing you at 1am when the curfew goes into effect. We put our kids in their own room when they were 13 and 11, and they definitely missed their own space the last time we were four to a room.
  8. I'm on the 4-day Mariner December 23rd sailing, but no changes to our itinerary. There are already two ships in Coco on our "sea" day, and i doubt they would move our Nassau day which would give us the 25th and 26th at Coco.
  9. Are the chill island cabanas only oceanview or is it beach accessible? I've never been to Coco Cay but remember reading about some cabanas that didn't have access to the beach from it's location, but now there's been a lot of changes.
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