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  1. Ours was canceled mid March and we opted for a refund. Received it this morning. Took 39 business days.
  2. Thank you RCI. We will be ready when you return.
  3. I don't think people are being impatient. I think we all see what is going on in the cruise industry and are concerned about our cash flow just like the cruise industry is. I will gladly give it back to them in the future but I would rather hold on to it myself.
  4. I see a lot of people have been refunded but we have not seen ours yet. We were scheduled to sail March 30 and waited until Royal canceled. We decided to get the refund because did not know when we were going to be able to sail again. Is there anyone else that was supposed to have already sailed that has not been refunded yet?
  5. We were going to be diamond plus after this one as well. It hurts
  6. We have not rebooked yet. Spring Break is the easiest week since us and the kids can block off time. We will readdress when things are lifted.
  7. Was supposed to leave for Florida Saturday to get on the Mariner on Monday. We should be packing now. Stay safe everyone
  8. Dang we were hoping for 2 weeks . We were going on March 30th
  9. I have been with RCI long enough to know something will be done. I think it is a good idea not to promote OBC because it keeps those who really are sick from trying to sneak on board for free money. I would think that AFTER you have passed the sick checks and have checked on board and made it to your room there would be a surprise waiting for you.
  10. Literally every thread on the RCI board is about the 48 hour cancellation policy.
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