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  1. Hello all, I just returned home from a great week onboard the MSC Armonia, and yes, I was on a rerouted cruise originally intended for Havana. But, I started this thread to answer questions anyone has about the ship, MSC in general, the ports (I went to Roatan, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Key West), and whatever else may be on your minds. Ask away, and Happy cruising! 😄
  2. Baie Rouge is not only extremely secluded, but is one of the most scenic on the island. When I went, I was spending 10 days on the island in an AirBnB, and there were four ships in port, two of which were the MSC Seaside and the Harmony. My aunt and I and one other family from the Harmony were the only people on the beach .... it's very quiet and very picturesque, but shhhh, don't tell anyone about it, keep it our secret! 😉 But, jokes aside, it's an amazing beach and I most certainly would recommend going to it. They'll get the picturesque Caribbean beach without the crowds, most definitely a good time. And there are bathrooms with a nice beach bar right there as well. Further, if they wanted to see the planes landing at Maho Beach, have your taxi driver drop you off at Maho on the return, and either just ask them to wait with you for 10 minutes while you watch a plane or two, or pick up another taxi, or use one of the public buses back to Phillipsburg. That way, you've now gone to a calm and picturesque beach, as well as seen the main sight on the island.
  3. Since you have a car of your own, go over to Grand Case. It's, IMO, the best beach on the island, and they could really use some money to help rebuild after the storm. The area is the island's culinary district, so the beautiful beach strip is just lined with amazing, high-class French restaurants, as well as your typical beach cafe. It's buried on the french side though, so you'll really experience a European style of beach/vacation. The beach itself is gorgeous, and the food is good. From there, you can head south into Marigot, where you can climb to the top of the fort for some amazing views, as well as get some pastries at some of the many French bakeries. Marigot is like Phillipsburg, except very French and a lot less crowded, so I find it to be more charming. Lots of pretty yachts over that way as well. There are a lot of beautiful houses down in the direction of Baie Rouge, so it's worth heading down that point as well. If you want a secluded beach, Baie Rouge is very overlooked on the island and is totally worth a stop. It's my second favorite, only to Grand Case of course.
  4. Do you have any information on my original question that this poster was responding to, which was whether or not they were showcasing Fifa WWC games? The games usually start around 9AM, 12PM and 3PM, so did you notice any women's soccer matches on while walking past the sports bar or casino or? It's okay if you don't remember, I'm just asking! :)
  5. Reviving this in hopes that someone just off of the Seaside or currently on the Armonia can tell me if they are showing the games ... Is there a person at MSC I could email, or put in a request for? I know I sent in a request on a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2016 because they did not plan on showing the Olympic opening ceremony, so I'm wondering if MSC has a similar contact method. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!
  6. So if I'm understanding correctly, I will pay them $20 or $25 USD on the return, when they drop me back off at the ship, for both ways? Because that's like $4-$5 a person, and we were going to just lay out on our MSC towels to save money anyway, so that may be a good plan for us. We don't mind public transportation either, and actually, I make it a point to use public transportation wherever I travel, but I did not find out about the bus in Roatan until now. How much is the bus per person per way? And how long does that "indirect" way take? If worse comes to worst, we will just walk into town like originally planned, and spend most of the day on the empty ship. However, this port is new for all four of us in the party, so we got to more thinking and we thought we should give it more consideration. Thanks in advance for answering my further questions, you've been such a help! :)
  7. You're right, I found the $200 one online, but it isn't motorized, so it isn't appealing to us. MSC offers a $70 tour for 3 hours, and maybe that will be better. I will keep browsing around. You're also right about worrying about the ones from the malecon, so I will keep looking, and if I'm availed no success, I'll just book that one. Thanks!
  8. We weren't planning anything for our short stop in Roatan (only 6 hours, we are docked from noon to 6PM), but, depending on price, we are considering heading over to Half Moon Bay Beach for a few hours. How much would a taxi for four cost from Coxen Hole to Half Moon Bay Beach.
  9. To the OP, do you remember whether or not they were televising the Fifa WWC games or not? We go on the 17th and we're wondering if we'll be able to catch some games.
  10. Can anyone recall whether or not they were televising the Women's World Cup games onboard the Armonia, either in the staterooms or in the Sports Bar? We go on Monday and we do not want to miss the USA-Sweden game!
  11. Hello, I was using iCruise to browse some cruises for January 2020, and I found a really nice 11 night Norwegian Spirit cruise that caught my attention. But, when I went to NCL.com to look at the prices there, it says that no Spirit cruises are available for that month. Was the cruise I found a charter or something? Does NCL have any European offerings in Janaury? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me!
  12. Hello, We will be cruising to Costa Maya next week, and we are wondering what some catamaran cruise options will be. We could book with MSC, but we are looking to see all of the available options before we solidify our plans. Does anyone have any tour operator recommendations? We don't care whether it's snorkel-based or not, but we take preference to the ones that A) include a beach stop and/or B) offer drinks and/or food. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!
  13. I want to also voice my support for taking the later flight from BCN. When I came back from the Seaview, I stayed two days afterwards in the city, and then flew back to the States on a 3PM flight. I remember a 30 minute ride to the airport, which wasn't bad, but then 45 minutes in line to check our bags, and then another 45 minutes in security. Maybe it was just a bad day at BCN, but it was an obnoxiously long time to wait. As others have said, getting there isn't the problem, but being there could cut it close for you (once we got through security, we had enough time to go to the bathroom and then we had to board). I would take the later flight if you have the chance!
  14. Hello, Avid soccer fan here, and with my Armonia cruise in a little over a week, I will be out of the USA for their last group stage match against Sweden (which, if you are a soccer fan or follow the US Women's Soccer Team, you know this is an important game). I am wondering, for all that are cruising MSC this week and next week, do the MSC ships have access to the WWC games in the sports bars or on the stateroom TVs? Usually, the morning game is on FS1, and the two later games are on Fox (The American networks for both). Or, are they showing the North American Gold Cup games instead? I figured with MSC being a European-based cruise line, they would show a lot of soccer (as they have on my past cruises with them), so I want to know if the same would carry over for the women's teams. Also, in the event that no one knows or says that it is not being shown, does anyone know who I can contact beforehand to request that the games are shown? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, Due to the Cuba border situation, or cruise on the MSC Armonia in two weeks has been rerouted to Key West. We are really interested in a Catamaran excursion, as no one in the group has done one before. We do not care if it is just a catamaran cruise only, or a snorkel-based trip, but we would prefer an option with drinks offered, and maybe a beach stop as well. Could anyone recommend some companies or excursions to us? We would greatly appreciate it, thank you!
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