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  1. Is this a trick question? my guess is zero because the bottles only have water in them from what I've heard.
  2. Yes, they were the same tiny ones:( i even asked when the chef came to go over the menu which type lobster as I wanted a large cold lobster and if they were the small tails with little taste, I would take the filet instead. He assured me it was the Maine lobster, so went with that and the 2 tiny Caribbean tales arrived.
  3. I'm on this cruise as well. the first will be on Sunday and the 2nd will be on Wednesday after leaving Belize.
  4. I agree, ive turned all notifications off and do it at each posting as well and still get these. is there not some way to make it stop. please fix
  5. With that odds change it really shifts the advantage to the house. I haven't played onboard, but now won't consider. Did the small print on their special rules say they can deal from the bottom of the deck too;)
  6. There's a chance it will arrive on embarkation day if you call for it as soon as you get to your cabin, but our experiences is that ours never arrived on embarkation day.... usually by around 4pm the 2nd day. The thing is it can waste a lot of time as you need to be in the cabin when delivered, so a lot of waiting. Everytime we were told it's very busy on embarkation day with lots of alcohol to deliver for the whole ship and it can take a day or two. Diet tonic was not available, I suggest bringinf your own.
  7. I agree, in fact there is a disadvantage as far as I'm concerned. if you order beforehand on the personalizer, you think great I'm taking care of this and won't need to waste time onboard.... wrong, not only do you enter all your card data and time to place the order... but when you get to your cabin, you will just find a voucher, then you will have to call room service, wait on hold and then arrange delivery. if you just order onboard, you skip the credit card entry and advance payment and save steps. like someone mentioned, try could raise prices... but that doesn't mean they won't cancel all preorders and let everyone know prices increased and they will need to reorder at the new price.
  8. You posted these exact same questions a few days ago and it has 36 replies. did you not like the answers?
  9. Bring your boom-box and crank up the polka:)
  10. Actually you will get 300 min. They will give you 150 min for each leg of the cruise. If it were a 14 day with no return to FLL half way through, then it would be 250.
  11. Actually, our luggage could carried by the cruise tag and won't tear off. do your research and you can find the starting pay grade of the local ILA-1526 longshoreman; you too would see well they are well taken care of and would not risk tearing any labels or pulling stunts that could cost them their career.
  12. Hi Jim, ive bought onboard both port and champagne. In fact they've never even taken more than a glace at the bottle. Once I had then in my carry on backpack and they never even asked to look in the backpack.
  13. I don't think it matters if it's port, champagne or wine; but it cannot be brought onboard in your luggage, it has to be hand carried onboard.
  14. It's fixed now, but I don't know how. ive been trying this off and on for the past couple months and I've done it before first time. all I did different from all the other try's is that last night I deleted all the failed attempts from the personalizer and left it that way over night. This afternoon I tried again and it worked the first time:)
  15. I feel bad for you, but princess did nothing wrong. If you read the princess gift card page FAQ it states the normal delivery is "5-7 business days". Business days do not include Saturday and Sunday, so 7 business days is 9 days actual time. in the next FAQ question someone asks about their cards not arriving in time. They again give the 5-7 business day or expedited in 2-3 business days. They also ask to please note the delivery times are only estimates and cannot be guaranteed. i know they weren't available in the grocery stores a few weeks ago, but today I looked in the gift card rack and sure enough plenty of princess cards for sale.... I know what I want in my stocking:)
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