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  1. Sound wonderful. Back bacon is impossible to find where we live and it is delicious. And oh, a good Yorkshire pudding is a delight.
  2. Good point. Over the decades of living and traveling around the world we have found far too many Americans to whom the term 'ugly American' truly does apply. But that can apply to many. It depends on the individual. We have a long-time friend who works on a cruise ship and is really not happy with the current assignment. Too many seem to think they are 'special' and should be treated so. Makes his and his husband's work so march harder. Crew on ships have a hard enough job without attitude. We always try to remember Captain Kangaroo's gentle words 'Please' and 'Thank you'.
  3. My husband and I are retired and live in Mexico (not a rich gringo couple though). No cruises originate anywhere in Mexico, so we have to fly to join a cruise (preferably not from the US). When we can afford it, my husband and I normally cruise with HAL. Our second choice has been Celebrity. However, Fred. Olsen has some itineraries we find very interesting and some of the ships are former HAL ships that we know and like. BUT we have concerns. I have tried to find answers online to no avail. As Americans, would passengers and crew treat us as well as British passengers? (I know many reviews have said that some Italian lines treat non-Italians poorly and are not well accepted by passengers.) One online reviewer of Fred. Olsen line says it is 'a very British line'. What does that mean?
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