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  1. Excellent points about how we all choose to spend our money. So glad we are even foruntate enough to have choices!
  2. Great review with well-thought out opinions and lots of information. Thanks for this post!
  3. Class distinction exists in just about every industry. Think "club level" rooms in hotels with open bars and other amenities for higher paying guests. Airlines have business class verusus economy. There is even concierge medicine now. It is everywhere. So, having classes with varying levels of privileges is not something new. It is just more pronounced now on Celebrity and has come as a "shock" to many cruisers. I have seen this coming for years and it exitsts in some form or another on most other cruise lines. Even the much touted Viking Ocean cruises, which is an "all balcony" ship, has varying "reservation" windows for restaurants and for the "included" excursions as well as slightly different amenities based on what you are willing to pay. It is one way the cruise lines can keep the basic fares reasonable. Honestly, I paid significantly more in 2000 for a basic oceaniview cabin aboard the Explorer of the Seas than I did for a balcony cabin aboard the Equinox this month (and it will be a holiday sailing at that). Oveall, I find that cruise prices have been pretty stable as compared to other travel indusry prices. To achieve this, the cruise lines listened to folks who made clear they would rather have affordable cabins and then the option of buying their amenities/extras as THEY choose to do than to pay higher cruise fares in general. That's what the cruise lines have done.
  4. A very comprehensive and quintessential review of human behavior. You have perfectly described changes in human dynamics from what I have expereienced in my youth, which lead me to be less trusting as well. Every now and then, however, someone kind and genereous renews my faith in people! It seems that much of it is about the "connection" and relationship you have with someone. It is so easy to "ignore" strangers, even on a cruise ship where folks vie for "resources" (such as, the loungers around the pool, or the lines to board/disembark or at the buffets...rudeness can too often rule because we impersonalize others). As for carrying a flashlight and counting doors/steps to an exit...a GREAT safety plan for a cruise ship, a hotel, a plane, or even your own home! We do this everywhere. Now back to topic at hand...reviews of the Edge. In 2000, we had a negative experience aboard one of the first Millenium sailings. It was also more of a "shakedown" situtaion and all the "issues" popped up (including the back-up in the toilet system..such fun). I will be aboard the Edge next month, and despite all the reviews about disliked Edge elements on this thread, I am looking forward to what I consider an "adventure," exploring something new with an open mind. For months, I noted the IKEA-like furnishings with a "jaundiced eye," but I placed those negative thoughts into the back of my mind until I experience it for myself. Then, I will simply make a decision as to whether or not the Edge will meet my future cruising needs and whether to sail her again. There is something for everyone in this industry, fortunately, so I have lots of choice. So to all, go explore!
  5. I do like the look of the full length, full width windows, however. And I am happy with a sliding door, which is what they appear to be. Be nice if 2 of what appears to be 3 panels would stack.
  6. Read other posts by Spif...just a wicked sense of humor eminating from this poster. Often very funny. This was not a serious storage suggestion.
  7. I am a parsimonious packer, but even I am concerned about space to unpack basic clothing items and my sparse pairs of shoes. I am very glad I now pack by items into packing cubes. This way I can either sort items into cubes by day (full ensemble in each cube) or by category (t-shirts in one, shorts in another, etc...) and keep these cubes neatly packed with my extra or yet unworn items inside my suitcase and store them under my bed (assuming, of course, there will still be a space to store our luggage under the bed). It can be tedious to have to get into your luggage more regularly, but it helps keep the cabin neater, easier to find items, and makes repacking before disembarkation a snap. I usually unpack a few days worth of clothes, hang suits and dresses in the closet, put polo and t-shirts on the shelves and undies/personal items in the drawers. But even this efficiency may be challenged by what appears to be limited space in the closet, drawers and shelves. We shall see.
  8. I think the overall ship is stunning and architecturally beautiful. I would like to know, however, their real thoughts behind furniture choices for cabins (and I should add that I have advanced academic studies in ergonomics/human factors, so this will be an interesting cruise for me).
  9. I think if it was an RCCL ship we could call it IKEA of the Seas😏
  10. We originally had another S2 booked midship, but moved forward many months ago to be closer to the retreat area for convenience. When I first saw the exterior views, I was worried about my decision to move. Well, ironically, according to the nicely highlighted deck plans, our former cabin had a pole right in the center of the balcony while our current cabin does not. So, overall, it was a fortuitous decision to move months ago.
  11. Thank you for marking the deck plans and posting this. It was immensely helpful. If this is accurate, then we are in the lucky group that is pole free, albeit with a structural beam and solid wall next to us, but that is where cabin dividers are anyway.
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