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  1. About 10 years ago I was lucky to spend 10 days on a very small ship on the Sea of Cortez doing quite alot of blue and sperm whale watching although we also saw Fin, Humpbacks and 200+ pods of dolphin.. The chap who ran those cruises is retired and I can't find another company that does anything similar ideally sailing from La Paz. The closest I've seen is Uncruise who seem to do a 6 day cruise but that has too much land based activity and the ship is a bit too big for my liking even at 64 people. Does anyone know of a small company that offers small ship cruises (say 2
  2. I wasn't there with Silversea but was in the Galapagos in November 2016. Definitely needed a wetsuit as the water is quite cold especially after a long snorkel. On the boat I was on wetsuits were provided but my boat was much smaller. We also borrowed flippers/fins but took our own masks and snorkels. The snorkelling trips were the best bits of the trip for me - sharks, marine iguanas, sealions, rays, turtles and even penguins - simply stunning. Most of it was in deep water and we only had one uncomfortable day with a strong swell when we all finished early. The kayaking we did was also good -
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