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  1. Thanks again.... We booked an independent tour and most people on our tour will be getting the free visa... but, a few can't take the pressure and are getting the regular visa.
  2. Thanks so much,.. If you don't mind... I would like to share your response on our recall. After posting china links and information, some folks are insisting on purchasing a regular visa. At around $150 each, seems like a waste
  3. Would like to know if anyone had difficulties with the free transit visa on a cruise in 2019. We are on a cruise in April 2020 and some folks are having second thoughts......
  4. I agree, but since I'm staying in the country side, a car might be the ticket.
  5. Has anyone rented a car at/near the Yokohama Cruise port? I'm thinking of renting a car after the cruise since we are staying at an airbnb outside of the city. The prices look great with a drop off at the airport.
  6. Thanks........... And we even booked a tour for the two days we are in port......
  7. We start in singapore........... then on to vietnam, hong kong, (1 night) and then Shanghai (1 night) and then on to Japan. By the Chinese Visa site, it indicates that we are eligible for the 144 free visa. But, some people have posted that is not so. Some have indicated that regardless of what China says..... The cruise can require it. (that makes no sense)
  8. Since your cruise is over, did anyone have problems with the 144 hour visa? I'm on a cruise in April 2020 visiting Shanghai and it appears that some insist we need to apply for a regular passport.
  9. Sorry... I didn't see that you responded to this awhile back. I appreciate the information. Do you have any pics of that balcony? Not that it matters, we leave in 10 days.
  10. What did you think of cabin 9226? We are booked in that Cabin for a transatlantic.
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