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  1. Anyone know what the birthday offer is for Elite? For Ruby it is $100.00
  2. This is true but we are having a lot more fun giving our money to NCL then the average cruise passenger who books their room and pays full price out right. My money is spent over the course of a week as entertainment. My upcoming July cruise on the Escape is a comped Haven room, mock booking shows it would have cost me $8,000.00 to pay for it out right. That's $8,000.00 worth of entertainment I get to enjoy in addition to my Haven room and amenities
  3. I just wanted to come back on here and give a quick review of my rental... it was AWESOME!!!! We took a cab from the pier to H2O watersports it was about 10 ish minutes and around $15.00 dollars. Cabs are metered and the ride is pretty easy. Our rental time was for 11am but wound up getting there at 10:15 which was fine they let us move it up to 10:30 so we didn't have to wait. Quick little safety briefing and went over the equipment (anchor, switching fuel tanks if we run out etc,) and they went over the map drawing it out for us where we should go for the different things we wanted to do. They were very thorough and took plenty of time to give us great directions. They gave us a cooler full of ice and they lent us a knife with the half box of bait we purchased so we could do a little reef fishing. Off we went and headed over to the shipwreck to check that out first. There we fed the fish which was a lot of fun as they come right up to the boat and even jump right out of the water if you feed them, we had tons of fish around our boat and they followed us as we drove away it was so much fun! We hit this spot a second time at the end of the day because it was just too cool. We then went and drifted over some reefs and did a little fishing, we caught a blue striped grunt which wowed us as it's such a beautiful fish. Took a few pics and sent him back home to the reefs. Then we drove around admiring all the beautiful sites and little coves everywhere, so many things you can only see from the water. Next we went into the bay and drifted for a bit so we could turtle watch, we saw tons of turtles in there it was amazing! If you shut the motor down and just drift they will come right up to the boat it's pretty cool. From there we headed to the worlds smallest drawbridge this bridge was TINY and a lot of fun to go through. First we had to wait for the traffic light to turn green and then we could safely go under the bridge. We intended to go around and do a loop but the waters were getting really rough on the other side of the island so we turned around back under the tiny bridge and headed home the way we came. Lots of sightseeing from the water and then headed back to H20. As soon as they saw us nearing the dock they were great came running over to grab a line and help us in. Easy peasy. In total we only used 3 gallons of gas which I was surprised about I thought for sure it would have been a little more. They give you 2 tanks and we only used half of 1 tank and didn't need to touch the second tank and we were out on the water for the full 5 hours we rented the boat for. We did drift a fair amount of time while fishing and turtle watching but we drove around quite a bit as well. All in all a GREAT day on the water and we will definitely do this again and use H20 as they were fantastic. We were 3 women with boating experience but really they make it so easy most people can do this. Just pay attention to the safety stuff and you'll do fine. I would highly recommend this to anyone considering it!!!!
  4. I was on this cruise with you and agree it was EXCELLENT! Food was fantastic, specialty restaurants and main dining rooms alike not a bad meal to be had anywhere. And the casino action was great! I saw two $12,000 jackpots and several smaller ones while I was in there. I wasn't that lucky but had a blast trying! Congrats on your winnings and great review thanks!
  5. I feel ya I couldn't function without my coffee either. I bring a small thermos on cruises with me this way I have the option to prepare my early morning coffee the night before or make a nice iced coffee in the afternoon. Enjoy your cruise!!!
  6. That's exactly what I thought of the Gem both times I was on it...slots are REALLY tight! Breakaway and Escape slots are great Gem was horrible (for me). Had fun playing the lock it links last time but took a beating on every single machine I played. Not just me either everyone was commenting the same and I never saw any winners over the week. OP hope you have better luck!!!
  7. I thought that as well! I think the Platinum waiting area is bigger then the Haven lounge, lol crazy. In NY non Haven in the lounge should not be allowed because of this. Maybe other locations with bigger lounges would be different.
  8. Here is what happened to me a few weeks ago while checking in to the Haven on the Escape- No room left in the Haven lounge :( I was sailing with my 3 children and looking forward to our very first Haven experience... Easy check in, comfy lounge, snacks for the kids while we waited etc etc. Nope not so much. We showed up around 10 am and were greeted with a packed Haven lounge and not a seat to be had, only crumbs left of what once was snacks. We waited to be checked in and then was kindly escorted to the Haven "overflow" area which was just some roped off area outside the lounge. Nothing special, no snacks etc. Made me wonder if all those people in the lounge were actually Haven guests or just checking in with Haven guests...
  9. Thanks guys for this post and all the great info in it! Lazlo and TammyD extra thanks!!!! I just reserved a boat for 5 hours on May 8th after reading your posts. Fingers crossed for a fun day! Coachyo it looks awesome and a great deal go for it!
  10. Wondering if they will be starting a new sale this Saturday, possibly a Mothers day sale? I was just on the website doing some cabin research to book for July and a new screen popped up with a completely different sale, of course when I went to the next page it changed back. It was interesting it showed all little pink boxes that said friends and family along with mint boxes that said free at sea. It was not the same purple box saying free extra guest offer. Made me think they were testing the website to get ready for something new and mistakenly made it go live for a few seconds. Or maybe it was just a glitch... I was planning on booking a cruise today but now I'm thinking I'll wait a few more days and see if this new sale comes up
  11. Free to explore sale. Well at least they changed it, a little. PLUS, BALCONY & ABOVE STATEROOMS ON ALL CRUISES GET A $50 SHORE EXCURSION BONUS CREDIT PER PORT BOOKING TIP: We'll apply the bonus credit to your booking automatically – no need to opt-in – but if you want to double your credits, choose Free Shore Excursions as one of your two Free Offers and you'll get $100 per port! Note: Offers do not apply to Sail Away staterooms.
  12. Not a fan of Moderno that place has really gone down hill. The first time I went several years back I enjoyed it, every single time after that it has been no good. Meats overcooked, bland and really salty. Nothing special at all. I don't even bother going there anymore it's a waste. Now Le Bistro...that place is the bomb! Every cruise I book a dinner there and most cruises multiple nights. The beef tenderloin and Crème Brule is outrageous. Teppanyaki is usually pretty good and a second night there is not bad if you get a different chef for a new experience, or if you're like me have too much Sake and the first time is fuzzy La Cucina is better then it used to be they changed the menu so maybe give that one a try again it's decent. Plenty of low carb selections at the restaurants no worries. I usually do keto when I'm not cruising and would have no problem sticking to it at those venues, except for that darn Sake and Crème Brule.
  13. You get everything Haven just like everyone else in the Haven. The only thing that remains the same is whatever perks you got at the time of booking stays the same (beverage pkg, OBC etc) Nobody in the Haven will know you got yours from an upgrade unless you choose to tell anyone. You will have a Haven room, Haven key card, butler, Haven restaurant etc. etc. Congrats and enjoy your cruise!!!!
  14. Yeah this is one of those promotions that we don't get to use very often and most of the time it goes to waste. The thing that urks me the most is when you only have 1 port (Bermuda) They give you three $50.00 credits total but you can't combine them you must use them on 3 different days. Bummer. There is a way to get a little OBC from them if you book cheap excursions (almost impossible I know lol). No matter the cost of the excursion once it's complete they will give you the $50.00 credit so let says you book a transfer for $30.00 you would get an extra $20.00 credited to your account. I was surprised they did this but it must be automated or something. I booked a clam shell for $40.00 at GSC and they gave me the full $50.00 credit so I made $10.00 on the deal. Hardly anything to get excited about but to answer your question yes technically you could get yourself a couple dollars if you book the right excursions.
  15. Nespresso and they stock you up with the black ristretto pods (regular) and the blue lungo pods in regular and decaf. I normally use the ristretto so I had the butler leave me extra of those and do away with the blue pods. I'm a latte fan so I brought a portable cheapie frother with me and had milk stocked in my fridge. Yum. So convenient to make my own early in the morning instead of heading down to the atrium. Enjoy your cruise!
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