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  1. Anyone heard anything about MSC’s new policy? They’re supposed to roll out a new one today. I’ve checked their website and my emails and have heard nothing. I’m on hold with them right now (been on hold for over an hour) and still nada. If anyone has details, I’d appreciate it!
  2. This just in from the US State Department. They’re urging all US citizens to stay off of cruise ships. I’m sure there will now be even more updates. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/before-you-go/travelers-with-special-considerations/cruise-ship-passengers.html
  3. Update: Called MSC to check on my Med cruise in May on the Divina, since it looks like they’re going to be denying embarkation to anyone who had traveled to, from, or through Italy (as another poster mentioned). Was told that they will have updates and a new policy rolled out by Monday, so I’ll call back then and update you all on what I hear.
  4. That's what I'm leaning towards doing as well. I did see that there's a big meeting with all of the cruise line executives tomorrow in Florida, so there may be some updates as a result of that and maybe they'll be a little more lenient with their cancellation policies. I may try calling back on Saturday or Sunday to see if their story has changed. If not, I may just cancel at eat my $400.
  5. I called MSC today and it was a total joke. They refused to transfer me to the Crisis team because my sail date is May 11th - they would only let people who were booked in March/April through to the Crisis desk. I was told there was nothing else they could do, but if I wanted to cancel my cruise, I would incur a penalty. Now just 4 more days that I can cancel without losing half of my cruise fare (right now it's $400 to cancel).
  6. The problem is that after March 11th, the cancellation fees go up, so I'm really hoping they'll make a decision soon. I have a feeling I'm going to get hosed.
  7. For US cruisers, some important info - the VP just did a press conference announcing that he's going to meet with the CEOs from various cruise lines on Saturday. Hopefully those of us (myself included) with upcoming cruises will have more info by then.
  8. I did call MSC and the information I received was from the Crisis team of MSC USA and was told that for my particular sailing it was business as usual. Not sure if the UK or other countries have this set up or not.
  9. I thought that was strange as well. I’ve heard murmurs that they may have different policies for UK vs. US travelers, which doesn’t make sense. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. I’m in the US - I called MSC to discuss my options for my upcoming May 11th cruise, which has 3 stops in Italy (Genoa, Florence, and Naples). They informed me that they are treating this cruise as “business as usual”, which surprised me seeing as how the entire country of Italy is under a Level 3 warning (reconsider travel), with Milan and Venice as a Level 4 (do not travel under any circumstances). It does sound like they are allowing Med cruisers scheduled for March/April departures to postpone or choose a different itinerary with no fees. (Was told this by MSC and also saw this on the CC website). No word yet for my May cruise, but I was told to call back Tuesday/Wednesday and they should have an update for me, so we’ll see.
  11. I’m in a similar situation as many of you all here. Cruising from Barcelona with 3 stops in Italy (one in Northern Italy - Genoa) on May 11th. Now that the state department has issued a Level 3 travel warning for the whole of Italy and a Level 4 for Milan and Venice, I’m really surprised that MSC hasn’t made decisions yet. I called today and they informed me that it’s still “business as usual”, which surprised me. I’d LOVE to go, but if the current situation is like this or worsens soon, I may just choose to eat some cancellation fees. Ugh.
  12. So, I called MSC and they told me that for my sailing (and presumably others), it’s still business as usual despite a Level 3 travel warning in Italy, which makes me confused. They said if I cancel or reschedule, it would be a $400 fee. 😬 They did mention that if I called back on Tuesday of Wednesday, they anticipate that things will change, so that’s what the game plan is for now.
  13. In all reality, they can't control for community outbreaks in the US. I get why they implemented that policy though...the timing obviously just sucks!
  14. That's what I'm thinking and thanks for the heads up on MSC allowing people to reschedule their cruise or move to a different itinerary for Med cruises. That's really nice of them and something I'll consider if they extend into May. Would love to do Alaska, but I know they don't go there! Haha. Hoping for the best here as well!
  15. It will be a big hit...I did get travel insurance, but it's not the "cancel for any reason" travel insurance (which was incredibly expensive). And the airline tickets I'm sure are non-refundable. If I were to cancel right now, I'd be out around ~$3,000 (which all things considered, isn't horrible considering that includes flights and cruise fares for 2 people). That's why I'm hoping if MSC cancels, I'd at least get my money back (and maybe an FCC if they're nice).
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