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  1. There is only a steam room in the locker area of the gym on the Jewel. It’s small and it’s free. Towels are available from staff in the gym.
  2. Here are some photos taken in December 2018 after the refit of forward facing penthouse 9500. The balcony was superb and didn’t find it too windy even at sea. We found it to be fairly sheltered up near the cabin window.
  3. We enjoyed the trip to Wings when we stopped off at Burnie last December. Taronga Zoo it is not, but set in the middle of gorgeous countryside with plenty of interaction with Koalas, Roos etc if that’s what your looking for. The day we visited started off very wet and ended with bright sunshine. The Tasmanian Devils were also very active, something we haven’t seen at other zoos.
  4. We really enjoyed the forward facing penthouse on the Jewel. The balcony wasn’t too windy and even when raining there was a little shelter near the cabin door. Here’s a few pictures of 9500 after the upgrades.
  5. I would agree with that - at the bars or theatre the waiters/waitresses were happy to serve three drinks at a time using the drinks package with just my card
  6. None that we were given, although the comedian on board reckoned it was a ploy by NCL to promote another trip in Burnie - driving the tractor on top of the wood shavings pile!!
  7. I would agree, what sold the forward penthouse on the Jewel for us was the huge balcony, breakfast and lunch in Moderno if we wanted it and priority embarkation / disembarkation. I’ve posted a photo or two of the newly updated suite 9500 on the Jewel
  8. There was a lot to like about NCL, we thought the shows were much more professional than RCL. We mostly ate in the restaurants, although hit the garden cafe or the great outdoors for lunch, so managed to get more than 2 shrimps and thought that the guys at the outdoor bar above the pool deck were good fun. Mr Gut, did you notice that the outline of the route that we took almost resembled a roo!! You can tell what we were amusing ourselves with on the last sea day 😂
  9. If you’re looking for something special oak beach cottage or one of the other villas directly on Oak Beach is highly recommended. It’s about 10/15 minutes drive from Port Douglas.
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