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  1. Our final payment is due next week for our sailing in September and Im so torn on if I want to roll the dice and risk it or cancel now. I know not much information is out yet on what the requirements will be which is what is making me nervous. Will the pools be open? The kids water park and slides be open? Will face masks be required? Will the kids club be open? Will we be able to get off at all the ports? We will be traveling with our 6-year old who has special needs and if mask are mandatory that will be a big problem for us. He will not wear a mask and if we wear one with him it is very short lived because he just wants it off our face. We will be sailing on Freedom, we decided on this ship because of the big water park in the center for the little ones. We sailed on the Library a few years back but he was unable to go on any of the kids water slides because he was not tall enough at the time, it was a *nightmare* for us because he wanted to go so bad. He is finally tall enough and SO excited but I am now worried they will have that closed down or have a limited number of kids at a time. We only get to travel once a year and I am wondering if its worth risking it and making that finally payment or if we should choose to go else where. I emailed our travel agent about all of this but she didn't have any answers either. Any advice?
  2. We will be sailing to the Mexican Riviera mid-October. Looking for recommendations of what to do while there. We're an adventurous family and will be traveling with our 6yo who is busy and active so hoping to find for things to do that will keep him entertained. Im having a difficult time finding things that are not sight-seeing/informational tours. Any input of things for us to check out would be greatly appreciated. Maybe a beach with water sports/activities? a facility with waterslides? a catamaran that is kid friendly? We have done zip-lines in St. Thomas (we went tandem because he doesn't met weight requirements) but Im not super comfortable with the zip-lines in Mexico.Any ideas for me to start looking into would be so helpful, thank you!
  3. We are looking into doing the zipline tour with Tree Limin Extreme but its only 3 hours so I am throwing around the idea of hitting up a beach after and just and relaxing. Are there any beaches near this facility that are recommended? We will be traveling with our 6yo son who LOVES water sports so if there are any beaches that have these in the water that would be ideal. For those of you that have been to St. Thomas because and have other recommendations of things we could do after the zip lining I'd love to hear them. My little one isn't much into informational/sightseeing tours so those are out! We have been to St. Thomas twice but its been over 10 years and I am at a loss of what to do that will keep him busy and having fun.
  4. We will be in St. Kitts mid-September. We will be traveling with our 6yo son so is very adventurous so we are looking for things to do to keep him entertained. I saw the zip-line but unfortunately he does not meet the minimum weight requirement so thats out. Are there any other excursions that are recommended? Maybe a beach with water sports? a facility with waterslides? a catamaran that is kid friendly? He does like to snorkel but for a limited time - he likes to go and then get back on the boat while mom/dad finish up. Any ideas for me to start looking into would be so helpful, thank you!
  5. Not a catamaran tour but an awesome excursion. We went with them last year and still a year later my son is talking about it. He had a blast and we loved it. They were super friendly, funny, and just all around awesome. They made our cruise. They have amazing reviews!!! https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147347-d2083816-Reviews-Soualiga_Destinations_Boat_Tours-Philipsburg_Sint_Maarten_St_Martin_St_Maarten.html We will be going back to St. Martin in 2 weeks and trying to book with Random Wind (its a catamaran tour that got great reviews) but currently the day we are in port they do not yet have enough people booked. I am still hoping that they get more interest the day we are in port but if not we will be going out again with Capt Bob/Soualiga Destinations. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147347-d1014743-Reviews-Random_Wind-Philipsburg_Sint_Maarten_St_Martin_St_Maarten.html
  6. We purchased it on our last cruise in September 2018. It was on the Allure 7-Day sailing. I want to say it came out on the last 2 or 3 days of sailing. It worked perfect for us as my husband and I split it. Im hoping to get another one on our upcoming sailing.
  7. I've tried emailing but I haven't heard back. Ill send another email out. I don't even need lounger I would be fine playing on the beach as I will be with my kiddos anyway. We just want to play in the water for a few hours.
  8. I checked the Splash Park out and that's so up his alley. We did something like this in Cozumel at Play Mia (he was only 2.5 at the time and he LOOOOVED it). I just emailed them to see if there are any height requirements - crossing my fingers there are not. Is the Splash Park near Palm Beach?
  9. Thanks for the heads up. We decided to do the Irie Tours so Im glad to see that you don't suggest Klein Curacao.
  10. We are sailing with Woodwind but have a few hours before and after to kill so we were thinking of just hanging ut and playing on the beach at Little Divi resort, since it right there. Does anyone know if this beach is public or would we have to purchase a day pass?
  11. Were staying for 2 nights post-cruise and have a few different AirBnB were looking at but they are all in different locations of the island. Which area of the island tends to have the best beaches?
  12. Thats probably a better idea. Im a chicken when it comes to warmth and water so I wanted to do an afternoon snorkel tour to ensure it will be super warm so I can enjoy the water, lol.
  13. We decided on it last night - go figure when I got the email back today they said they don't have enough interest but its still early so she made a note to contact me if they get more people wanting to book. It looks like an awesome excursion day and I'm so bummed. Here is to hoping more people go!!
  14. TEGL

    ABC Tours

    Plan A was Renaissance Private Island but learned we can't do Rbecause we have our kiddo with us so Plan B was De Palm Island but come to find out the aqua park/water slides will be closed for maintenance so that's out. Now I'm on to Plan C .... I am looking into the ABC Tours and hoping to get some input. It looks like they have amazing reviews over 11K with 5-stars. Im torn between the Island Ultimate Safari that is 9.5 hours or the Cave Pool & North Coast Explorer for 4 hours, has anyone done either of these tours and can give me any input? I'
  15. Last year we did the Soualiga/Capt Bob Tour and LOVED it. By fast the best excursion we had done so needless to say we were planing on doing this again when we went back to St. Martin in September. I have been looking around on Trip Advisor and stumbled upon a small-group day sail with Random Wind. It received 5 starts by all 110 reviewers - I would like to try something different but want to see if anyone has sailed with them before and their thoughts. Should I stick with what we know and what we loved = or trying something different with someone that got just as glowing reviews??
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