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  1. I'm visiting friends in South Africa in January and I've been persuaded to take a 3-night mini-cruise from Cape Town to Durban on MSC Orchestra. I made the booking using the MSC website and have been trying to make some special requests (twin beds instead of a double, reservation for the speciality restaurant on a specific date) via the Manage My Booking pages but I can find no way of doing so, and the only 'phone number on the web page is in Johannesburg. My only previous cruise was with Silversea and their website is brilliant; by contrast MSC's seems to be really basic or am I just being thick?
  2. The Arts Cafe is open from 06:30... I go there every morning for a take-away cafe latte (well two actually because the Dixie cups they use are on the small size) then trek the entire length of the ship to enjoy them in Tors Observation Library, thus combining morning caffeine fix with exercise 😉
  3. Thanks everyone for the helpful replies. Mudhen, looking forward to seeing you at the "M & M" :)
  4. I'm very much looking forward to my first Silversea experience on the Spirit next week but have a question about the arrival in New York on the 25th. Bearing in mind that (I assume) immigration and customs formalities will have been completed at the first US landfall, can anybody give an indication of how long after the ETA of 10:00 we can expect to be through the terminal with our baggage? Or does baggage still have to be cleared in NYC? My previous experience of arriving on the QM2 involved a wait of around two hours just to get off the ship and then another hour or so in the queue for immigration in the customs shed. I'm asking because we wish to arrange for an SUV type vehicle (too much stuff for a cab :o) to pick us up but have no idea what time to book it for. Thanks.
  5. Got mine too. I think someone has got Sydney, Australia mixed up with Sydney, Nova Scotia on page 6...
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