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  1. My 10 year old broke his the first day he had it. They replaced it for him, but the next one fell apart too. I don't know why he had such a hard time with it as he has no problem wearing a watch. My wife liked hers. We got used to going up to the bar for them to swipe it as opposed to taking it off all of the time.
  2. The only specialty restaurant we tried on Harmony was Sabor. The service was great, but the choices were not that exciting at all. We actually preferred the windjammer options on Mexican night! We shared a table in the MDR with some platinum Carnival folks. Harmony was their first RCCL trip. They said the biggest difference for them (aside from the massive ship) was how the cruise directors operate. On Carnival, the cruise director comes over the loudspeaker every hour or so to let you know what is going on. I can't recall the cruise director on Harmony talking over the loudspeaker more than 4 times on the entire cruise. So if you aren't one to read the Cruise Compass and plan your day that way, you may not like it as much. On a ship this big, plan early and often. If you have My Time dining, set it up in advance. Sign up for the shows ahead of time. Also, the most important tip I can give anyone on Harmony is KEEP YOUR ELBOWS IN when going down the ultimate abyss. My wife didn't listen and had some nasty rub burns on her elbows that lasted a week or so.
  3. So I was looking around on another site and saw KSF on my cruise. I went back to Royal's website, did the pretend booking, and saw my cruise was $391 cheaper today (no KSF though). I lost $300 OBC, but a net gain of $91 seemed worth it to me. Anyway, my dinner was set to 5:30pm when I KNOW I asked for My Time. Even without the $91 it was worth the call to fix that. So my parents-in-law are joining me on this cruise. They decided to go through AlaskaCruises.com. I am not sure if they can change their price or not. I also need to find out how to sync us up for dinner.
  4. This is one of those things that makes me question everything. Yes it looks cool. I always thought the big selling point of the similar places in Fiji were that you could sleep and wake up on the ocean. You can't really do that here, so basically it is like renting a covered pier. If I had unlimited money, sure, but if I had unlimited money, would I be going to Coco Cay? I don't think we paid $1400 for all of the excursions and drink packages combined on our last trip. I would rather have a drink package than spend a few hours at one of these.
  5. The WJ isn't exactly a food desert. I meant to say desserts. 😣
  6. My Alaskan cruise becomes $306 cheaper, which is good, but I don't see the $300 OBC. So do I bother jumping through hoops or not? We are probably going to have over a $300 alcohol bill.
  7. I thought the buffets in Vegas were flavorless. Vegas isn't exactly close to water, so imagine how far the shrimp and crab legs have to go to get there! I preferred eating at the Popeye's in the Excalibur, but to each their own. RCCL buffets have great deserts and I loved taco night. I am not a fan of their pasta and you couldn't make worse pizza if you tried. Aside from the pizza, I would say the food is much better than Golden Corral.
  8. We went in late August when a lot of kids had gone back to school. We were on Harmony and that was the only ship at Coco Cay that day. My son really enjoyed the water slides, but he had to wait an hour for the really tall slide and about 30 minutes for any other slide. He said it would only be worth it if you were on a really small ship that was the only ship in port. I think the water park was a good idea, but I don't think it has enough slides for the crowd it receives. Also the lifeguards from the ship staffed some of the slides, so the slides on the ship were closed. I am not sure if the flow rider was open or not. Next time we get stuck going to Coco Cay, we are just going to make a beach day of it.
  9. My son admits that when it is hot and fresh it is somewhat better than bowling alley pizza. When it has been sitting out for a while, it is worse than school cafeteria pizza. If only they could use one of those smoke stacks to make brick oven pizza.
  10. I feel like 7 to 9 days is the sweet spot. Five days left me wanting more. Usually by day 8, I am just completely done eating cruise ship food. I don't care if I am in an inside room or balcony in the Caribbean. We paid for an inside balcony on HOS so my claustrophobic mother wouldn't go crazy. I really liked people watching from it. I can't imagine watching the ocean all day, but anything is better than the Royal Caribbean TV options. We always bring little board games to play to pass the time on sea days.
  11. I like the larger ships, but they can only go to certain ports. If, from here on out, they only build behemoths, I would switch to lines that let me go to a greater variety of ports.
  12. Our cruise on Harmony was on August 18th. We were able to start reserving shows on May 12th. I highly recommend you reserve shows before getting on the boat. Also, there are some shows you can't reserve. The ice show that you cannot reserve is 10 times better than the weird 1887 one you can.
  13. When we were there in August, the water was filled with jellyfish. Nature is going to do what nature is going to do.
  14. I started researching like BoonTJ03 a few weeks ago. Do Northbound or Southbound with a land tour, people said. Make sure you sail out of Vancouver, people said. They are all 100% correct of course, but then when you look into the logistics, it quickly becomes a nightmare. My wife, like B. A. Baracus from the A-team, doesn't like to fly. She will only do non-stop flights. Are there non-stop flights from Anchorage to the DC area, of course not and I didn't expect there to be. Alright fine, let's do a round trip out of Vancouver. Surly there are non-stop flights to a large Canadian city out of Dulles, Reagan, or BWI right??? No there is not. There are occasionally non-stop flights out of Newark, so that may work out for BoonTJ03, but not as well for us. So Seattle it is, unfortunately, unless I leave the wife at home and just take my son or go by myself. There is also the possibility of taking the train to Newark from home or the train from Seattle to Vancouver, but that is just more expense and time. If I had unlimited time, I think I would do the train and then take a Northbound cruise from Vancouver and then stay a day or 2 in Anchorage and take a different ship back. It would be like a back to back with a break. Make sure one stops in Sitka and the other in Skagway. One Glacier Bay and the other at Hubbard...
  15. It certainly gets crowded during the muster drill and after the shows end. I think we waited 30 minutes to get out of our muster area (which was the ice rink oddly enough).
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