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  1. We sailed June 21 to June 28th . Used speedishuttle for transfer from airport to hotel and then port to airport . $50 each way including tip . We got to port about 1145 . Did not have FTTF but got right on the ship . . We went with some friends who were platinum ( we are only red ) and left our carry ons in their room while ours was getting ready and we hit the bar . Go to Atlantis , Intan and Zophia are wonderful .
  2. Ytsox

    Legend Alaska Cruise Steakhouse Attire

    One more thing , I love the location of the steakhouse , right by the funnel with a see through ceiling .
  3. Ytsox

    Legend Alaska Cruise Steakhouse Attire

    Just got off the ship on June 28th . Went to steak house on a non-elegant night . Wore a nice pare of jeans and a button down shirt . After all , whatever is worn is hidden under the table and tablecloth . With limited packing space , I asked the host when I made reservation about my dress code . It was fine as long as no holes or tears . Again , might have been different there on elegant night however in MDR I wore nice jeans and a button down shirt as well . Never got any looks or anything as others were dressed the same . My focus was the company I was with and not concerned if people made the dress code . Others may not like it but I assume Carnival realizes packing space on an Alakan Cruise . Carnival is a more relaxed atmosphere and that's ok for me . If anyone is concerned about attire , other cruise lines maybe more strict .
  4. Ytsox

    Onboard Legend to Alaska June 2016

    We got off on June 28 . Intan and Zophia in Atlantis were fantastic
  5. Ytsox

    Awkward Tipper

    When I Tip the steward or waiter extra , do they keep it or are they required to pool their money , after all cameras everywhere
  6. Ytsox

    Home Port Advisory.....

    I just dont even know what Home Port means