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  1. No, because AMEX expressly stated that they could claw back the money. Until OP is free and clear he doesn't have anything.
  2. If this works, I would expect NCL to add you to the "Do Not Sail" list and not allow you to sail with them again. It's happened before... https://www.elliott.org/blog/do-not-sail-list-banned-from-cruising/ Not saying that you're already planning on doing that, but I figured someone should say it just in case someone does this inadvertently and plans to use NCL in the future.
  3. I do feel kind of bad for the NCL brass. They were flying high just a month ago and now everything has turned on it's head. The stock price has fallen ~80% in one month and their source of revenue is going to locked indoors, with none of it their doing.
  4. Sounds like this is karma for possible other comments regarding "little helpers" in the past. It's common knowledge what the penalties are for cancelling. It's your responsibility to know them when you sign a contract.
  5. So you messed up, didn't understand the rules and NCL should lose money.... Entitled much? Next time understand the rules of international travel and stop blaming anyone but yourself.
  6. You could keep the inside and always bid on a balcony later.
  7. But how else would we interfere with your vacation. God forbid other people enjoy something you don't. Plus it makes sense why that place is a ghost town. Most Americans sailing can go to the buffet to get burgers, hotdogs, etc. Why go to a specialty restaurant to do it? It's a wasted space for sure.
  8. Just got off the Joy sailing 9/7-9/14 and there was football on all day Sunday, Monday night and Thursday night.
  9. Teppy, Los lobos and toss up between La cuchina and cagneys. Cagneys wasn't very good last time we sailed but we're giving it another shot this time around.
  10. So since you are okay with favors can you pay for my next cruise as a favor? If you don't I'll be super disappointed even though you're not legally obligated to do so and post about it on a message board.
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