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  1. You are correct. I just went and checked that email and it does say 1/19/20 at the very bottom. When we upgraded over the phone our agent told confirmed the payment due date remained 2/3/20, which caused lots of confusion. But we were able to pay the balance in time and all is well. Thanks for the assistance here!
  2. Is the Havana area open to Havana guests 24/7? If not, what are the hours?
  3. This morning I got an email that I thought was fake telling me my cruise was about to be canceled due to non payment because we missed the final payment date of 1/19/20. I logged in to carnival to check as well and it was saying the same thing! The final payment date has always been 2/3/20 and we had it paid off until we decided to upgrade our cabin a few weeks ago so we had a balance again. Thankfully I saw the email in time and we were able to login and pay the remainder. This could have been very bad if I didn’t see that email! Has this happened to anyone else? Why would Carnival do that?
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