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  1. I went on Royal's website and logged in, and at first when I highlight Internet and more it shows the key. But then it disappears from view. And even if I manage to click on it it's not shown anywhere when it brings up the results. Should I just call Royal?
  2. Thanks. I'm thinking I might like to splurge and try it but haven't been in a position to get it yet so I haven't looked till now.
  3. I'm sailing on Anthem on March 29th and couldn't see The Key listed anywhere on RC's website. Is it sold out or just not listed yet for purchase?
  4. It's the Metropolitan Museum. I'll have to look up when the tour I saw is. It was a private tour arranged by someone else and it is about 10:30. It was a tour that sounded nice, but since I wasn't sure it was feasible or possible to get there I haven't gotten too excited about it yet. And even if I don't get a tour I can probably do a self guided type tour.
  5. It's the end of March (Saturday 28th) Would be going either by myself or with one other person. I'll be flying into Newark and staying nearby the Jersey Gardens Mall.
  6. Will be my first time sailing out of Cape Liberty and I plan to be there a day or so early. I was wondering if it is too far to get to The Met? I don't drive and won't have a car, and never having been to the area I am not sure if it's not practical or feasible to do. I've seen a guided tour that I like the looks of but it starts at about 10:30 or so. Is it possible?
  7. Planning a trip on Anthem of the Seas and would like to eat at Jamie's Italian. Is there much of a difference if I eat at lunch rather than dinner, or is the menu the same for both?
  8. I've seen a few photos of menus from the main dining room online, but most of them look like they are from 2016/17. Are they still accurate or are there newer ones available? If there are newer does anyone have any? Thanks.
  9. Has anyone seen any photo's of Coco Beach club, I'm thinking of going for that (it's an admission/upgrade if I've read correctly). The only pictures of it I've seen online so far are the artist rendering photos. Has anyone been, know of any photos? Would love to see a menu for the restaurant at the beach club (The grill at Coco Beach Club?)
  10. The last cruise I was on was my first, and I'd never been to Nassau and enjoyed myself there. The next time I will be there will be on Anthem of the Seas and according to what I've read, there will be 5 ships in port. I can't remember last time but I don't think there was that many ships in port. Most of the ships will be docking in the morning, but Anthem docks at about noon later than the others. Looking to maybe visit the pirate museum, have a meal at a nearby restaurant and maybe visit a distillery. Do you think that the crowds will have eased a bit by the time I get off the ship? Hoping that it won't be as bad a crowd as I'm thinking.
  11. Has anyone used the Disney Express service on Royal Caribbean? I was wondering how much time do they give? I have an annual pass so I have access to the park anyway, and thought it might be an idea while I'm not all that far away. Does it vary depending on the hours you are in port? (noon till 9pm)
  12. Catching a cruise out of Cape Liberty on Anthem (in late March), and would like to get a return flight to the UK the same day as the cruise ends (Sunday). Is it possible to be able to be at the airport (EWR) by 3 pm (for a flight that leaves at 6pm) Or is that cutting things too close?
  13. Good info to keep in mind for my future cruises. So 9676 is bed by balcony right?
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