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  1. I don't fly out till about 7:30/8pm And I thought it would be a good opportunity to visit NYC. The cruise arrives about 6ish am and I've never been to NYC/Manhattan before. I figured instead of hanging around the airport for an entire day, a sightseeing tour even if I don't get off the bus for very long, is a much better use of time that just wondering around EWR.
  2. I've booked the Manhattan highlights & transfer to EWR at the end of my cruise on Anthem (late flight at 8pm) Just wondered if anyone has booked this or a similar tour? How does it work since I'm leaving the ship, is there a special place to leave the ship and bring my luggage with me?
  3. I've made a bid to upgrade my cabin but I am thinking I will cancel it and stick with my room that I'm happy with. I am just afraid I will accidentally cancel other things and not just the royal up bid. Where about do I go to cancel it? Through the original email link or elsewhere?
  4. Staying at Country Inn & Suits in Elizabeth. On the map it doesn't seem too far, but that doesn't mean anything. Is getting an Uber from the hotel to the nearest Walmart possible without spending a fortune? I think there's a supercenter in Linden.
  5. Thanks. It looks like a spot I'm really going to like, and a plus is it's only a couple decks down from my cabin.
  6. I was wondering what time the bar opens at 270 on embarkation day? I have the Key booked so I'll be going there, but after that I thought it might be nice to check out 270 and sit with a drink and check out the view from the windows. It looks like a nice place to relax and enjoy the view. From the photos I've seen it looks like there are some chairs near the windows Are they difficult to get (always taken?) Is my first time on Anthem so I've only seen photos.
  7. Yes just got my offer yesterday. I didn’t put in a high bid but am cautiously optimistic seeing that at least yesterday the ocean view balconies haven’t sold out yet (tho by how many I couldn’t tell you). I’m assuming by what I’ve read online it isn’t likely I’ll hear soon? Hopefully it won’t affect my online check in and luggage tags if I hear last minute and I’m already at hotel and no way to print new (plus it’s my TA who does the tags up for me
  8. Thanks. I've got a solo occupancy balcony, and put a bid on an ocean view balcony, which would be an upgrade. If my offer is not accepted then I don't mind being in my cabin I have originally booked, I'm happy with my original choice. But if I get an upgrade then great, I'll have a bit bigger of a ocean view balcony room.
  9. I just want to make sure I have this correct. If I've already paid for the cruise, and I make a bid of for argument sakes, say $100 all I'd be paying would be $100 per person ($200 as its pp though I'm travelling solo). I would not have to pay any further fee? I just don't want to find out I have to pay another fare for the room. Cruise fare (already paid) + $200 would be what I'm paying.
  10. I am traveling in a solo occupancy cabin on Anthem and just got an offer via email. Just curious how this works as I’ve already paid in full now. If I make an offer for an upgraded cabin do I only pay what the offer is. Or do I pay double and also another whole fare cause I’m by myself in the upgraded cabin.
  11. If I go to stop P4 at EWR for my hotel shuttle, and for some reason it's taking too long or I want to get a cab or Uber instead, can I get the cab or Uber at the same stop? Or do I have to go elsewhere?
  12. Will be on Odyssey of the Seas next year and it stops in Ashdod & Haifa. I was wondering which side faces the port in these ports? Does starboard or port face the land?
  13. Do you need a day pass if all I'm planning on doing is going to the hotel restaurant/bar and having a drink and a meal and then probably be on my way? Likely I'd be spending maybe an hour and I wouldn't be swimming or using any pool or beach facilities (except for maybe walking out and snapping a photograph or two)
  14. Thanks. I was able to find it. This is the first time I've been able to use the app on/for a cruise.
  15. I've got the key booked for my cruise on Anthem coming up in March. I booked it online through the computer and not the app. Does anyone know where on the app I go to see that I've got the Key, or does it show up on there at all?
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