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  1. Catching a cruise out of Cape Liberty on Anthem (in late March), and would like to get a return flight to the UK the same day as the cruise ends (Sunday). Is it possible to be able to be at the airport (EWR) by 3 pm (for a flight that leaves at 6pm) Or is that cutting things too close?
  2. Good info to keep in mind for my future cruises. So 9676 is bed by balcony right?
  3. Thanks. I'm assuming that it is the same for all RC ships?
  4. How do I figure out how our room is laid out in our cabin? Sailing on Symphony cabin 9676.
  5. Will Royal be expanding the app to Anthem? Or are they going to be using it on certain ships? (Sailing on Anthem next spring)
  6. I'm in the process of booking Anthem for spring 2020 through travel agent and hoping to be able to get the key. Where do you look on the website to purchase the key?
  7. From the looks of it, I should be able to get some pictures and its not completely blocked view.
  8. Will I get lost trying to find where to get the hotel shuttle?
  9. Thanks for all your help. I've been looking at the hotels on International Blvd and they seem very nice. Is it complicated getting around EWR?
  10. I've just booked a studio ocean view balcony on Anthem. It was the only one left (in this category) on the sailing I'm looking at, and I'm excited about being on another cruise regardless of what the view from the balcony is. However, I am a little curious about what I can expect. Its cabin 6252 and from what I can tell from the deck plans it has an obstructed view. Has anyone had a cabin similar to this, do you think I will be able to see over and at least see some of the view? I saw an online photo of the cabin next door, and I think it's above the tenders?
  11. The cruise I'm looking at (from Cape Liberty) has a stop at Port Canaveral and an excursion listed is transportation to Disney World. It looks like it arrives about noon. Has anyone taken this excursion/transport? I was wondering if anyone knows when the transport/excursion returns from the park to the ship? I couldn't see that info listed on the information about the excursion.
  12. The ship sails on April 5th and likely Newark although I haven't booked anything. I'm travelling solo and probably between $200 and $300 is my budget. As I say, I haven't ever been to the area and was hoping for something close, maybe that has a shuttle from airport and to port (I don't mind if the hotel charges extra for this if needs be). No bed size requirements.
  13. What hotels are nearby, or would you recommend pre cruise. Anthem of the Seas from Cape Liberty in early April (2020). I've never been to New York/New Jersey before, and likely just want a nice hotel where I can get a taxi or shuttle from the airport to the hotel, and the hotel to the cruise port. Not really concerned about sightseeing before the cruise as won't have much time I don't think to do the area fairly. Just a decent hotel where I can relax after my flight and not too far from the port.
  14. I've found myself planning a solo cruise again. I've had my travel companions cancel on me, but rather than cancel myself I've decided I'm going solo (my original plans before friends planned to join me). I would like to sail on Royal Caribbean, which ships have a studio balcony? I found a list online but its about 3 or so years old now so I was wondering if anyone here knows an updated list of which have them. I loved having a balcony on my last cruise (wasn't solo), but want a balcony again.
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