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  1. Still awaiting response from P&O:) I also meant to mention what happened during evening matches that clashed with the horse racing evenings in Brodys, the horse racing was timed to start/get under way about halfway through the second half of games....so when ticket sales started....the two main screens (which a lot of us were watching obviously) would be switched over to the betting/racing and the other screens showing the games would be muted.....so those of us enjoying the football then had to scramble to watch screens with no sound....I am not kidding here...the horse racing could quite easily have been put back for about 20 odd minutes and kept everyone happy, I approached the entertainment manager one evening during this fiasco to protest and his answer was "well we did put it in the horizon so everyone knew". Things came to a head one night when there was a very good game being played and they started to set the stage up for the horse racing and there was uproar from those watching the game with lots of shouting and some swearing at the team setting it up (just doing their job, I know) and they quite wisely asked the crowd if they wanted the football left on....the football stayed on until the game finished. I spoke to quite a few of the people who were there for the horse racing if they were okay with the game being finished first and to a man everyone said it was fine and the inevitable clash between 2 different groups of people was obviously going to happen. Whoever thought the situation in Brodys this would be okay needs to take a serious look at themselves and how to manage events, for the sake of about changing a schedule by about 20 odd minutes everyone would have been quite happy.
  2. Just confirms my suspicions of being misled, patronized, and fobbed off by onboard staff to a very simple question. I am so tempted to vent my feelings with a complaint...just don't know if I want to be patronized again:evilsmile:....we all spend good money on these cruises so we should expect respect and honesty as a given, most of the time we do get that...but sadly at other times we do not. As is now obvious the Ships had differing options for World cup viewing so I am going to ask why...simple question lets hope for a straight forward answer.....I will post any answer I get on this thread for those of you interested.:):D BTW, I am long past caring about the viewing in cabin but still a bit ticked about answer to my question "copyright reasons sir".
  3. Hmmmm, I take it you did read the first post....bit of a clue there.:) Main point really is about being told a lot of tosh just to shut my inquiry down and get rid of me.
  4. Thanks terrierjohn, as I thought...reception could be making it up as they go along with the fantasy of copyright restriction to cabins (unless of course Ventura disregarded that:eek:)
  5. I am still intrigued as to whether any of the Ships other than Azura are actually showing the World cup on Cabin TVs? Please if you could or could not see the Footie can you advise?:evilsmile::)
  6. Thanks emam...anyone else watched World Cup in their Cabin?
  7. Hi guys, just back from Azuras Baltic cruise (9th June to 23rd June) and had a great time...apart from world cup viewing...no games being shown on TV in cabins ( on board TVs pretty useless in my opinion anyway..but that's another story:D) I was disappointed no games being shown not even Englands, all games were being broadcast in Brody's and England's was also shown in other venues as well as sea screen with its very poor quality picture and missing pixels but you could see the ball though:D. I asked at reception whu no games were being shown on cabin TVs and was given the answer that it was for copyright reasons from the provider..hmmm... I then asked if it was being shown on cabin TVs on any of the other P&O Ships and was told "no sir", I wondered if anyone can confirm this or otherwise?, he also said maybe they did not want cabins being a bit raucous as well..I reminded him a lot of Football including premier league is shown in them along with many other sports to which he smiled. From this post you can guess I and many others aboard were a bit miffed...not the end of the world I know...before some of you remind me I must have known it was world cup time so why book a holiday in this period;p...and not a huge matter, but I would be very disappointed if thought it was a cynical move just to get us to spend money in Brody's during this period (the cynic in me is leaning toward this view), after all P&O could easily have upgraded the TV package so it could be shown in cabins if that is the real and only reason. So did anyone see the World cup games on Cabin TVs...I would be very interested to find out.:):)
  8. Thanks glennbtn, really looking forward to saturday....how was embarkation, we have a time of 15.00 but will be getting there about 13.00ish as my son is dropping us off, we dont mind hanging around though..but if we do get on a bit earlier happy days.:p....errr sorry to be going off topic a bit
  9. Apart from the very poor sea screen has Azura still got those useless completely outdated small TV's so loved by P&O? useless for anyone like me who has poor eyesight that is. 32" plus smart TV's are the norm these these days and P&O seem very slow in updating theirs to all the fleet. Despite the sea screen and even if the TVs are still useless we do like the Azura.:) and are joining her this coming Saturday for the Baltic cruise.:D
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