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  1. Does anyone know anything about Gate 1? I can not find a website for this company. Is it only for Americans? I have heard it's cheap, but how cheap?
  2. A river cruise brochure: "While we take reasonable steps to minimize noise, vibration and odour may be experienced" so has anyone experienced this? and what smells would it be?
  3. Anyone been on Travelmarvel? Would love to hear info about this. I can't find anything on this company in here. Thankyou
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I have already done Scenic Budapest to Amsterdam. I was disappointed with the food on the ship given that I paid a heap for the cruise that they advertise as "luxury", well the food wasn't luxury! Now just looking at France and Portugal with another good line with better food 🙂
  5. What is the cheapest river cruise line and which is the highest. I would love to see a chart lowest to highest, and 2 star to 5 star. Thanks
  6. Just got back from Jewels of Europe with Scenic but starting Ams to Bud. It was very good, but I have ocean cruised and like that better, more restaurants to pick from, pools and saunas, shows every night, disco, movies, quizes, bars, tennis.........more and more. Some ports you only have 3-4 hours on, whereas on a ocean cruise you have the whole day (and sometimes part of the night).
  7. We were very disappointed with the food on Scenic. We paid alot of money for a 'luxury' cruise so we were expecting luxury meals but were very let down
  8. I saw one just the other day because I was looking for the same thing. I found it on Google, but have forgotten it now. If you search : how old is .............. (then name of ship) it gave all details of ship, weight, height, date built, date refurbished. Just google
  9. Thanks I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. May I ask what the photo is of in Budapest that looks like a crypt. Where is that? And who is it? Thanks 😊
  10. I am not interested in going to the concert and would much prefer wondering around the streets while the group attend the show and then meet up with them after the concert to get the transport back to the shop. Has any one else done that?
  11. Schronbrunn Palace or Hofburg Palace. If you could only visit one which one would be the best to see? Due to time restraints I dont think we could see both, as well as seeing other sights in Vienna. Thanks for any good advice
  12. I will be following you in here and look forward to it ☺️
  13. where do the staff sleep and will they disturb sleeping guests in the night?
  14. Has anyone done this cruise in Oct or Nov? What was the crowds like? the weather like? the food like? What was good or bad about travelling at this time of year? What kind of clothing did you pack? Thanks, tash
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