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  1. Just got off the Oasis Junior Suite Deck 6 This was my toilet. Yuck! Dry Dock can't come too soon...
  2. Anyone know why departure from St. Thomas was delayed today? One couple was half hour late and did the run of shame to the ship but then 15 minutes later there was a different couple who got off the ship with their luggage and the police got off at the same time but drove away separately.
  3. I am just off the Explorer of the Seas Pacific Coast Cruise. On this cruise we were given a written survey in our stateroom several days into the cruise. We were called on our cabin phone on our last night for a survey about the food and then we received our post survey via email. The staff is so freaked out about these surveys. They are so heightened by any and everything you say as a cruiser. For example, I asked for my meat to be cooked a bit more and you could tell the server was upset that it wasn't 'perfect'. This in turn made me feel bad for making the request. In a normal setting, they are more than happy to accommodate but on my latest cruises they seem to get uptight when you veer from the script. Many of the staff mentioned the survey and that they needed a 10 as a bonus incentive. I am really tired of this speech. Not everyone does it but I have noticed it more and more each time I cruise. I am all for rewarding the crew for good service but somehow these surveys feel like they are holding the crew hostage and making me, the cruiser, feel pressured. Perhaps I am overreacting but it just bugged me this time around so I thought I would vent here. Thanks for reading ;)
  4. I am lucky to be able to answer my own thread: 80 days out for Escape from Rubicon to show up in Cruise Planner for my Harmony sailing. It shows up under Activities. Whoo Hoo! :p;p
  5. I have searched the threads and read conflicting reports. How many weeks prior to sailing does online booking for the Escape room open? Will it show up in the Entertainment/Shows or in the Activities section? thanks for any insight :)
  6. ah, good point - you are correct with waiter/waitress. When I go directly to the casino bar (which is my preference), I have had to sign on different ships but maybe that isn't a strict policy.
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