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  1. Yes, I got them all removed, just more annoyed how 4 different wrong charges were put on my account. I bet some people don’t even notice.
  2. I was on Oasis last month. I check my account statements often. I had 4 charges on my account that weren’t mine. Charged at the Opal Theatre which I never went to. Charged for drinks even though I had the deluxe package( no drinks over $13) . I argued these charges and got the money back. But morning of deembarkation was charged$150 for towels!!! That is 6 towels. I only used 3 all week and returned all of them and scanned in. I had my card all week so no one else using it. Gone with Royal 5 times, first time I have had this issue. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Unfortunately the one that cancelled, called to cancel so the other one could get the drink package at the cheaper price before we boarded. So no the one who cancelled hadn’t paid for the drink package. Maybe some calling and complaining might help. Otherwise lesson learned.
  4. The one cancelled before. When the other got to check in the charge was there. They originally said drink package charge, then they changed today to saying room cost.
  5. They cancelled before. About two weeks before. They originally said the extra charge was the drink package. It has been stupid.
  6. So we are currently on Oasis. Two friends of mine booked an inside room. One of them cancelled and lost 100% of his fare, which was understood. The problem is they are now charging the other person an extra approximately $400. I don’t get it, they still got the other person who cancelled’s FULL fair. Is there anyway for the one who cruised to not have to pay this $400? Thanks
  7. Myself and some friends are going on Oasis next week. We have a basketball game we would like to watch. Anybody know if they have any bars that broadcast games on the ship? Thanks
  8. Ok, so we have our cruise picked out. Oasis In February. Stops in Nassau, St Thomas, and St Maarten. Any recommendations of good excursions/ places to snorkel in any of those 3 ports? FYI, those in the group that want to snorkel are beginners. So any recommendations are appreciated!
  9. Wondering where people have found really good snorkeling in the Caribbean? We are planning a trip for this coming February and a number of the group's top thing on the list is snorkeling. Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks!! Sent from my SM-G935R4 using Forums mobile app
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