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  1. I am sorry that you seem to think my post was directed at you personally, it was not. It is just that a certain minority on these forums seem to think that this virus will blow over in a few weeks and normal service will be resumed. As for the common flu, yes well aware of the facts, this is not the same, 919 people died yesterday in Italy from covid 19 you will not find those sort of figures for the common flu. If you like facts then on current information the mortality rate for covid 19 is 4.5% which makes it 45 more times deadlier than the flu.Pretty scarey huh.
  2. Well i love your optimism, but you do know that you live in the USA and this virus has a long way to go. No vaccine or cure. I would be surprised if any cruise will be sailing before September and if at all this year. Would you be prepared to sail in Europe in May or June?(5-9 weeks time) or anywhere for that matter with up to 5000 people aboard in close proximity.This is not a drill, this virus is a killer and should be treated with the utmost respect. We all want to cruise again BUT only when it is completely safe to do so, that should not be decided by the cruise lines or Donald Trump but by the world health organisation.If you have not experienced any disruption due to Covid 19 in your area then you are lucky but don't be fooled this a serious disease and the patience you show now by not congregating in large groups will save lives. Lets hope by isolating ourselves during this period will buy us enough time to overcome this virus and get back to some sort of normality. Stay safe. Jazz
  3. Main thing is that you are on the same ship!😁 Jazz
  4. Just got assigned our g,tee balcony back to back cruise 12 days out, 1st week got a 1b spacious balcony midship, 2nd week got a 2d large balcony midship 2 decks apart. Not the same cabin for both weeks but not a big deal, can soon move suitcase down 2 decks and will kinda feel like starting a new holiday. Very happy. Jazz
  5. Many Thanks! Once again thank you for your review and safe journey home. Jazz
  6. Thank you for your review, it will be very useful on our upcoming cruise. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Can you remember what terminal the ship docked at in Port Rashid? Jazz
  7. Hi Looks like you are having a great time and the weather is looking good. Will be following your review as as on the jewel on the 9th and 16th cruises. We too were on the Grand Prix cruise with celebrity and agree with you that it was a great cruise with marvelous weather and interesting destinations. Have fun! Jazz
  8. Ha Ha, No trick question, found the answer from another post about the jewel of the seas. Jazz
  9. It is an island they tender to on middle east cruises and yes apparently they do bring the buffet ashore along with certain drinks from your drink package which is great news for me. Jazz
  10. Are you saying that they took the buffet to the island? Jazz
  11. Hi Do Royal bring a bbq to the beach on Sir Bani Yas Island? Chicken, burgers etc.? Many Thanks Jazz
  12. Many thanks icsys, will be my first stop after boarding and probably my last stop before retiring that evening! Jazz
  13. Excellent, you have made my day. Rhubarb and Ginger with lemonade (sprite i suppose) is a big fav. Is this specific to any particular bar? or shipwide? Thanks.
  14. Hi Will be on the Jewel o,seas soon and was wondering if there was any live sport showing on tv (sport 24?) premier league in particular. Many Thanks Jazz
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