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  1. My husband is one of those merchant mariners stuck on a ship right now. Hes usually on a 4 week rotation but has been gone for 7+ at the moment with another week + to go as long as all goes well. He was supposed to be home the 25th of March. He was taking the rig (drill ship) from W. Africa to Trinidad but by the time they got to Trini they have shut the borders down. Him and his crew have been basically in quarantine since they left and no one on board was sick. The issue is the reliefs getting to them. They are taking a slow boat from LA to Trini. They are taking 2 weeks to get there
  2. Florida declared a state of emergency a few days ago. They do it so they can get funds to help. "The Governor declares a State of Emergency when he believes a disaster has occurred or may be imminent that is severe enough to require state aid to supplement local resources in preventing or alleviating damages, loss, hardship or suffering. This declaration authorizes the governor to speed state agency assistance to communities in need. It enables him to make resources immediately available to rescue, evacuate, shelter, provide essential commodities like heating fuel and food."
  3. Im sure you already know but it was around 28 earlier.
  4. Its all about perspective. Super cheap to me is not 260.00 a share (friday) I did buy 4 shares though. Im buying NCLH today.
  5. Is there an easy way to find out which dock our ships will be at? Specifically Equinox in St Thomas in February. Do they pretty much always go to the same dock?
  6. It says its from 1-4pm. Our ship leaves at 5, does that leave enough time to get back to the dock/ship??
  7. I always keep all of the paper in one spot (where the magazines are on the wall) And leave them in a pile on the desk when i leave so its easier to sort. I don't put it in the trash so it doesn't get dirty by other things we might throw away (food).
  8. Looks like one of our stops with Celebrity has been changed to Samana. Havent been able to find much info. I was hoping people that have been there could give me some pointers? Apparently we tender there. Has anyone been yet? Things to do? How did you find tour guides?
  9. Im trying to do the online check in for our cruise over Christmas but havn't uploaded a picture. I need to do this?? I thought I read you didn't need to? It won't let me proceed to the other parts, adding in our cc info or get our contract or our arrival info without it. My husband is not home at the moment and wont be until 2 days before the cruise so i can't take a picture of him. Any way around this? What if i dont end up doing it?
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