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  1. No Rocky Mountain Koolaid or Coors Light as we call it....for 12 miles. Oh well we will just start with Miller Lite; fairly close in taste.
  2. I just now telephoned Celebrity Captains Club and they are still confirming a drydock date of Nov. 2020. Maybe Who's on first and Why is pitching! Your guess is as good as mine. LOL!
  3. Once the drydock is underway, how long before completion? We are planning to book around May 9, 2021 to Alaska?
  4. Thank you abe3 and SteelCruisin. Your comments will make my wife very Happy. Seaside here we come!
  5. Gathering information on MSC Seaside ( suites) Yacht Club cruises and if gluten free foods are available. We have cruised both Royal and Celebrity and getting my wife gluten free food has never been a problem. Would welcome any comments from others that have sailed MSC Seaside. Looks like Seaside would be a step up for us and hoping to book in the near future. Thanks!
  6. Gotta tell you, your " chicken suit " comment made me laugh soooo hard! I agree with a lot of what you said but don't give up. Have fun cruising !
  7. Having the same problem. Hope they get it fixed. Terrible IT Dept. with Royal Caribbean!
  8. Okay....thank you for your post. Not what I was expecting but appreciate your thoughts.
  9. dkjretired, thank you for posting! This will help a lot!
  10. Wow! The more I hear, the more I like the choice of a Royal Suite. Thanks.
  11. Chemmo I am considering Celebrity Eclipse to Alaska and what you are describing about a Royal Suite sounds wonderful! Thank You.
  12. Thank you for that information! Good to know.
  13. Thanks. I think my wife would really enjoy that. It's the little special things in life that really matter.
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