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  1. Ok, I thought of one more question. What night should I book to eat at Portofino's. Was there one night that the dining room menu was not that great and would be a good night for Portofino's?
  2. Anything else that I should know before I leave tomorrow? Thanks for all your help. Is there an ATM on board the Jewel? How about a currency excahnge? Being that we will be in Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia and Sweden, I am worried about obtaining currency being that they all have different currency. Someone said they ate in Portofinos. How was it? Do you recall what the price is? Thanks! heathermk57 - How was the sea and the weather for you? The forst poster said the sea was calm for her. I am praying for the same.
  3. We leave on Tuesday for this same cruise. What did you do in Amsterdam?
  4. Did you fly home from Oslo? If so, how did you get from the port to the airport? We leave next week and my biggest worry is how to get to the port from the airport. Thanks.
  5. We leave next Tuesday to take the Jewel on a B2B from Oslo. I appreciate your report on your Jewel experience. Where did the ship dock in Amsterdam? Being that it will be so chilly outside I was wondering if you noticed if they were allowing children in the heated adult pool? My son will be so disappointed if he does not get to swim.
  6. We will be on the Jewel doing a B2B in the Batic. We are going in May and I am assuming it will still be chilly there. Is the pool onboard heated? We will have my son so will not be able to use the atrium pool. Also, it there a public laundy on board?
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