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  1. Ah hah , use your own scooter and a luggage service, duh!
  2. I am traveling alone to meet up with friends for a Carnival cruise out of Galveston. I have limited mobility and own a scooter (have never taken it on a plane) but am concerned about how to handle luggage checkin and pickup upon arrival by myself. I could drive scooter to the plane entrance and upon arrival the cruise line will provide transportation with a lift which is ideal. Other option is to rent a scooter, use my rollator, check that and get a wheelchair at checkin to gate and upon arrival to baggage. Concerned that I might have issues with steps to get on cruise line provided bus. Also, long walk and waiting at pier until I get a wheelchair there. It all seems so complicated, I am not sure which is the best option. Also, can anyone shed some light on the process at the pier if I take my scooter? is it difficult to navigate onto the ship upon embarkation in Galveston (steep ramps, etc.)? Thanks to anyone who can help with advice.
  3. I am disabled and plan to take my scooter for the first time on an upcoming cruise from Ft. Lauderdale. I am traveling with a friend and do not want to depend on her to help me with my luggage. I am thinking about using a luggage shipping service and need any recommendations, experiences, suggestions. Thank you.
  4. I am planning to bring my scooter and will need accessible transfers from FLL airport to hotel and then the next day to cruise port. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
  5. I have upcoming reservations at Hyatt Place. Looked at Google street view and I could not find any restaurants across the street or even within the immediate neighborhood. Of course the pictures could be outdated. Are these restaurants fairly new to the area?
  6. I am on the same search for accessible transfers. We are planning a pre-cruise stay at Hyatt Place in SanJuan prior to a Celebrity cruise in January. I am taking my scooter and could (with assistance) take it apart and store in a trunk if necessary. Prefer to Use a transfer that can transport it without disassembling. Any suggestions? Or referrals?
  7. i am disabled and use a scooter. I would like to get a massage but want to stay close to the port shopping area and not have to take a taxi anywhere. Are there any massage opportunities in this area?
  8. Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for. :D
  9. Any photos/info about Rotterdam OV Aft Accessible Cabin 3437. Looks like it does not have a couch or love seat and it is quite a distance from the elevators. Of course it is the only OV cabin available. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  10. Heard that Viking plans to start Mississippi River sailings in a year or two. If they keep their same cruise formula this should bring a whole new perspective to these cruises.
  11. We are in Vienna on Viking Atla and were told tonight that the water is very low, but we are going to sail to Budapest tonight. We have to sail very slowly and won't get there til about 2:30pm Saturday. Ok with that, did a ship swap yesterday and we were all holding our breath that we might have to get on a bus and stay at a hotel tomorrow night.
  12. We left this morning for our Danube river cruise. I am sitting in Paris waiting for my connection to Nuremberg. We had a comfortable, uneventful flight. No one here seems nervous or worried. It is a normal travel day. Have a great day everyone.:):):):)
  13. I leave in the AM for my Danube cruise. Our flight connects through Paris. I have no intention of changing any of my plans. As long as the airport remains open.
  14. No options offered in the email. They provided contact info if I had questions. I bought insurance with the cancel for any reason clause. The thought of cancelling never crossed my mind. We leave in the morning and are looking forward to the adventure.
  15. FYI, I just received an email from Viking about our Nuremberg to Budapest Danube cruise which starts this Sunday (11/15). We are scheduled to do a ship swap at Passau and the river is too low to sail from Vienna to Budapest. We will be bussed to Budapest and spend the last two nights at a hotel. I am satisfied with the timeliness of Viking's communication and am confident they will everything possible to make our trip enjoyable.
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