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  1. Thanks exactly my sentiments, I certainly did not book premium just to have drinks, as said there are a lot of other advantages Sent from my EVA-L09 using Forums mobile app
  2. That helps many thanks Sent from my EVA-L09 using Forums mobile app
  3. Are alcoholic drinks free if you have booked premium, I was lead to believe this was the case, if not why are they charging £299? , cheers David Sent from my EVA-L09 using Forums mobile app
  4. Many thanks all, what happens if your case is overweight, are you charged excess baggage when you get back to the UK? Thanks David
  5. Many thanks for the kind replies, have now sellotaped several labels so hopefully my case and I will be reunited on the ship. Last question on luggage, I have heard that you put your case out late on your last night, do you see your case again before the uk? Thanks David
  6. I am on my first cruise ever on Britannia 10th February. I have just printed my luggage labels and am not impressed. Where its marked staple here do you staple there and then cut off the blank part ~(the tail)? Worried that paper may get wet, drop off and then how does my case find me and my cabin -- Silly .. but Cheers David
  7. Hi first time cruiser on Britannia 10th February. Am taking a Tux but don't fancy 4 formal nights. What bars/restaurants am I allowed to go in on a formal night wearing non-formal clothes Thanks David
  8. Many thanks for all your answers and advice David
  9. I am a newcomer to cruising and am booked on britannia 10th February Caribbean cruise. Could someone please clarify what to wear and when. I understand formal night and have a suit for this. What I am concerned about is ordinary evenings wear in buffet restaurant, main dining rooms, bars etc. Are shorts, open toe sandals, flip flops allowed or frowned upon Many thanks David
  10. Hi John I have changed my booking and am now booked for L201. Please take care of it on your cruise in January lol. Many thanks for advice Cheers David
  11. Many thanks for replays. Scuttlebutter I appreciate any videos thanks. John will think about moving forward if possible thanks
  12. Hi, First time cruiser. I am sailing on the Britannia around the Caribbean over Christmas 2017. I am a solo traveller and have booked an outside cabin with balcony on Lido deck. The cabin is on Starboard side. I have 2 questions, i have heard complaints that its too noisy on lido deck, is it loud over night (bed timish), also do you have constant sun on the balcony. Has anyone travelled in one of these cabins (L215). I hope it won't be too claustophobic. Many thanks for any help and advice. I am sure i will keep popping up with various questions Many thanks
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