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  1. Thank you SO much everyone who took time to respond! Much appreciated!
  2. AWESOME! Thank you! Are you charged the 5% if you arent prime?
  3. Not in our cruise planner 😕 Is there a specific procedure for this? I know this sounds ridiculous but exactly how? I'm assuming there has to be some sort of dance that goes right along with "Hit me with some Cash-O-La", can you share a video of you doing said dance so I can perfect it prior to my cruise?! haha
  4. Unfortunately, its non-refundable, came from our cruise fare dropping after final payment.
  5. We have a pretty good chunk of OBC for our upcoming cruise. We have booked all our excursions and a massage. But now we are trying to decide of its worth drinks or dining packages (5night vs unlimited etc). However, we also like to enjoy time in the casino. I have seen some split experiences about being able to use OBC in the casino (specifically table games). What was your experience? Were you able to find a loophole?
  6. Is this accurate?!? Wow! My husband and I always get offers, I never thought we would be able to combine them!!
  7. We embark in less than 30 days and many of the "available" shore excursions have no prices listed and therefore we can't add them to our carts or check out. Has anyone else seen this happen? Should we wait to see if they list prices or give up and book something else?
  8. I tried. It comes back with "Please ensure your sailing is within the next 30 daysPlease ensure there are no errors in the information you entered" I know how to spell my last name (haha) and we are 28 days from sailing. 😕
  9. Hi Everyone, We are leaving in less than 30 days and have not received into about RoyalUp for our sailing. We are opted in for RCI marketing emails and can't find anything within the Cruise Planner. I have also entered my last name and reservation number into the RoyalUp website and it says to make sure there are no errors and my sailing is less than 30 days out (both are correct). I tried calling customer service but they seem to be clueless and keep telling me its "invite only for those on the marketing emails" but then immediately confirm my correct email address IS opted in. Any ideas? I definitely don't want to miss out. Thanks!
  10. Fun fact, if you book with FCC and get a lower rate after final payment, you get it back as OBC per normal policy (rather than what I assumed they would do...give back more FCC) We booked and since FCC couldnt be applied to taxes/fees, we ended up getting about $400 back, which unfortunately we know we will have to forefit. However, about 2 weeks later we found that our rate had dropped by $1400 and that was given to us as OBC which is so much more valuable to us than an unusable (to my family) FCC. It felt like a little loophole to use up most of our original FCC!
  11. The 7 day limit lifted in May. RCCL has definitely run itineraries longer than 7 days within the last month.
  12. If Royal fails to offer something, whether refund or FCC, their brand will end up being worse hit than Princess. Regardless of what their lawyers typed up, they will make it right. We were cancelled from a Cuba cruise due to governmental regulations and were offered a refund or transfer to the new itinerary. We were given a time limit in which to make our decision, but same thing.
  13. My question is about all the repositioning cruises. We are set to sail on a Transpacific on the Ovation from Sydney in 5 weeks and I know it ends up in Alaska for their summer cruises. You think they are going to let the ships sail empty? My work has already told me if I chose to go, I will have to self-quarantine for 14 days after my return. I'm lucky enough that my husband and I both have the ability to work from home, so we are fine with keeping our plans and dealing with a self-quarantine after.
  14. Are you far enough out that you haven't paid your final payment? I'm still wondering if they will hold tight on not giving money back if we have paid our final payment already. I know they will give an upgrade, but we are in a balcony guarantee and the next step up is $700 more to for sure be stuck in an obstructed view. Right now, if they cant give $$ back, I'd rather chance the guarantee and end up in a better room.
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