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  1. On lobster night, can you order lobster as an appetizer and a main entree?
  2. If I pay for an excursion and later decide I don't want it, can I cancel it and get a refund?
  3. I did not ask our steward or security. We were traveling with my sister & her husband who was a homicide detective & I asked him what it was. He thought it was a part of the remote control system but I'm a bit more suspicious.
  4. I am disabled but our cabin was not accessible. But from my viewpoint I caught a glimpse of this gadget taped near the bottom of the tv. Any idea what it is?
  5. I found this gadget attached to the tv in my Carnival Breeze cabin. I hope it's not a camera!
  6. nival’s Glory or Breeze ships. In particular the ease of moving about in the hallways & public areas. My dh’s only scooter experience at sea was on a larger, newer ship. Of course we will check cabin doorway sizes but it’s not so easy to check the public corridors and thoroughfares of a ship ahead of time. Thanks for any replies. Just got off of the Breeze. Really very frustrating to catch an elevator when you're on a scooter like I was. Just make sure you stop at customer service and insist that a dedicated elevator be readily available. Way too many walking passengers rush the elevators, I wanted to cry as I was stuck on one deck for about a half hour until my husband flagged down a worker. Some ports are difficult to access, also. Be careful when rolling down the halls as there are elevated joints between sections which can throw you off.
  7. Are there places at some ports in the Caribbean to rent beach wheelchairs? I'm going to san juan,DR, 31st thomas, & grand Turk? Sent from my VK815 using Forums mobile app
  8. Has anyone had a positive experience on this excursion? I have limited mobility, using a knee scooter Sent from my VK815 using Forums mobile app
  9. Thank you everyone!!! Sent from my VK815 using Forums mobile app
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