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  1. Viking have four ships specifically built for the Seine which dock at Port de Grenelle, not far from the Eiffel Tower, which remove concerns about being out of town in Le Pecq. They are Viking Kari, Viking Radgrid, Viking Skaga, and Viking Fjorgyn.
  2. That's a shame. We don't do daytime activities apart from attend port talks and other lectures, there's enough to do on board without being organised into doing things so we never get bored. Although we nearly reshelved the library one day. My wife is a librarian and the eccentric and arbitrary way it's been arranged began to get to her. Viking haven't let on what they're considering in any detail apart from mentioning 'exploring' a couple of times which suggests more than just sail-pasts.
  3. Saga's first purpose built river ship is now in the water which is some good news in these trying times. I can't see any press release yet but it was announced this morning on social media.
  4. It's definitely on the cards, Viking are surveying existing/past customers to gauge interest in British Isles cruises. While I'd love to sail on a Viking Ocean ship I'm not usually keen on the idea of port-intensive cruising, I enjoy sea days too much, but I can see the attraction of exploring Britain with a port call practically every day.
  5. So you accept that AUS customers are actually getting fare (not excursion etc) refunds which is promising. You didn't believe it at all when I told you a couple of days ago so you're making some progress.
  6. @bazzaw: I think you have your answer in post 525 quoted below. Do you believe that?
  7. You're mistaken - people from your end of the world are mentioning refunds arriving on one or two Cunard groups on social media. You're a member of about the only one that's not clogged up with discussions about refunds so try looking around a bit.
  8. Heading into the choke point of the busiest shipping lane in the world while showing your destination as somewhere roughly 200 miles west of your position would presumably be regarded as at least careless. Her destination as I write is Southampton so the musical chairs are continuing...
  9. And/or add another cabin in case one isn't enough...
  10. Have your tried calling them and asking? Their web site is fine for straightforward bookings but I get the impression they're more geared up for phone bookings so that they can discuss what their prospective customers want. We've sailed with them twice, booking once online and once by phone, and found they have all the time in the world to discuss the finer details of bookings over the phone.
  11. Good luck - their insurance is a bit hit and miss. Last year my wife declared a probably insignificant condition awaiting diagnosis a few days before our cruise, something our GP considered not to be of any concern. Saga promptly cancelled her cover without explanation, while admitting on the phone that many people in the same situation simply don't admit such conditions in order to keep their cover. The travel insurance bundled with our bank account simply doesn't cover conditions awaiting diagnosis rather than refusing any cover at all.
  12. Anne was one of the few queens to reign in her own right rather than being the king’s wife. Just like Victoria and both Elizabeths. BTW the ship’s name is Mauretania (which Carnival have registered as a trade mark), ignore what autocorrect is telling you.
  13. Carnival have registered Queen Anne, Queen Isabella, Aquitania, Mauretania, Caronia, Aurelia, Sirona, and King James as trademarks in the last few months, most of which were noted recently in another thread. The schedule of intellectual property mortgaged at the beginning of April by Carnival makes interesting reading, even if terribly lengthy and repetitive because they have a lot of trade marks each registered in a lot of countries.
  14. Have you checked prices for your voyage on Cunard's web site to see what the going rate is? There's plenty of anecdotal evidence of people transferring bookings to next year, or rebooking to use their FCC, so if demand is strong prices will have risen.
  15. As a complete novice you could do a lot worse than browse the sticky threads at the top of the forum - there are links to lots of useful articles about individual river cruise lines on Cruise Critic, plus objective comparisons between different lines.
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