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  1. Grills afternoon tea was only served in the PG restaurant, not in the lounge, on QE in December 2017.
  2. Viking's FAQ is a good place to start, it's lacking in some areas of interest but the bit about power outlets is quite comprehensive.
  3. What about when you're on Viking River? You're talking about what you wear on VO.
  4. There were three included wines of each colour on SoD in September, although that may have changed since. They were offered roughly in a daily rotation, but if one had a preference for a particular wine that wasn't that day's offering it was provided without any fuss.
  5. Just follow the instructions in your cabin about your muster station. You will have to take your life jacket, they're the most up to date design which you may not have encountered on an older ship and there's a knack to putting them on properly, at least the first time. Your cruise card will be scanned.
  6. Are you sure you're talking about the River SSBP? Prices on the River ships are in Euros, and as far as I am aware there isn't a per-drink limit as there is on Ocean where drinks are priced in US Dollars.
  7. I remember seeing the cruise being sold three ways: as a 21 night return trip, or fly cruises leaving or joining at Venice. She's on the Southampton to Venice leg so that appears to be all that Cruisemapper is capable of reporting. It's not always a good idea to take Cruisemapper literally.
  8. On both the UK and US FAQs the gratuity is referred to as a 'discretionary hotel and dining charge', so accusing Viking of being opaque about the nature of the charge is a straw man.
  9. Although I prefer the preprinted labels I usually print some spares at home: 80gsm printer paper folded twice and stapled is at least as strong and secure as the light card used for preprinted labels. Those of us with colour laser printers don't need to worry about ink running, but wrapping labels in clear tape as mentioned by bluemarble would solve any potential inkjet problem.
  10. Carnival UK seem to be stuck in a death spiral of poorly designed and implemented web site redesigns, with functionality and user friendliness reducing each cycle even once the major bugs have been ironed out. Quite how they think they can get away with foisting barely beta quality software on end users again and again is beyond my experience of IT in many public organisations and private companies, none of which even had public facing systems.
  11. There aren't any food offerings (earlier you mentioned coffee, cakes, ice cream, sweets) on the new ships which aren't available on Sapphire, although there more alternative restaurants to choose from. The grill on the new ships is fully self service at all meals for those who like that sort of thing, and half is self service on formal nights (I'm guessing that Richard was on fixed dining or at least didn't visit the grill on formal nights so missed that detail in his review). On our September cruise we sat with a number of experienced Saga cruisers, including Diamond level, and all of them seemed at the very least happy with the new ship and some were already on their second voyage with more booked. Some Pearl II devotees confessed to having been a bit apprehensive about such a jump in size but once they'd found their way around they were enjoying the space and facilities. Perhaps some people will stop sailing with Saga once Sapphire retires, but the ones who we met who'd made the jump were going to continue. I'm interested in the included excursions which are putting you off: are there any cruises currently on sale with them, or are they something which Saga haven't got around to announcing and selling yet?
  12. Deck 4 balconies have the largest square footage if that's a consideration in what's 'best'. The superstructure steps in at Deck 4 but the balconies line up with Deck 3 so they're noticeably deeper than the decks above. Having been in a Deck 4 aft corner suite on QE we booked our next cruise in a nearly adjacent balcony cabin as there was no noise from the restaurant below.
  13. You can take as much beer, wines, spirits, or soft drinks on board as you like at any point. The question has been asked many times in this forum...
  14. Formal national dress is explicitly allowed so long as any ceremonial bladed weapons are imitation ones. It's mentioned in the FAQ.
  15. The 2017 Viking Rhine Getaway roll call thread is worth a look. Apart from the usual chat and exchanges of information one member was sufficiently motivated and energised to maintain and repost a list of which participant was on which sailing, thereby providing some actual evidence about the likelihood of meeting another CC member on a particular cruise. I wouldn't argue that the list in that roll call is statistically significant in absolute terms but it's the most complete picture I'm aware of, and strongly reinforces the impression given by the number of single sailing roll calls to which there are no replies (or to which there are replies from people on other sailings). The list of who sailed when was maintained pretty much up to the end of the thread so if anyone wants to see the final numbers it's here: https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2253036-viking-rhine-cruises-2017/page/38/
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