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  1. I didn’t actually suggest that Celebrity are randomly dumping anything, just that any packaging ending up in the wrong place is a bad thing whatever it’s made of. The waste business isn’t simple, whether on land or at sea, and there isn’t a universal solution. Any packaging has costs as well as any benefits, and what works better for one company may not for another.
  2. I got the impression from one article that the canal isn’t wide enough for cruise boats to turn, and the authorities don’t want to run the risk of further accidents by allowing them to sail backwards until they reach a turning point.
  3. Tetra Paks (which is what that looks like) are made of layers of plastic, aluminium, and paper so require specialist recycling facilities. Saying it’s a paper carton and therefore more virtuous than material X is a bit of an oversimplification, and if people dump Tetra Paks randomly in the environment they’re as bad as any other waste.
  4. And for anyone who’s not sailed with Saga yet, the Taittinger price is revealing apart from the fact someone in Folkestone can’t spell 🙂. It’s typically £35.00-ish at retail price so by no means greedy compared to some lines.
  5. The Canaries are not part of the EU for customs purposes. They have their own VAT if you purchase anything ashore, but it’s about 7% so combined with being duty free prices ashore are often cheaper than ‘duty free’ on board.
  6. Oh no! It’s bad enough with people innocently creating roll calls in random places without idiots joining CC in order to be ‘funny’. This one’s only other post is along the same lines but in the correct place, with any luck his sense of humour will get him banned.
  7. I noticed this evening that there’s now a Saga roll call forum so the need for an index (and the effort to maintain it) will disappear fairly quickly. Someone’s obviously been doing some behind the scenes lobbying. Quite a result for a non US, two ship cruise line, so congrats to whoever arranged it. CMV fans may be a bit miffed when they find out 🙂
  8. It’s far too soon to make such assumptions: things like that are dependent on the UK’s future relationship with the EU, something which is as yet undefined.
  9. It’s really not an issue. Only one or possibly two things happen on board every day in addition to the scheduled excursions, so it’s not difficult to keep track of what’s going on. Just don’t even think of a river cruise in terms of previous experience of ocean cruises.
  10. Saga's afternoon tea featured tea grown in Cornwall when we sailed with them a few years ago. They're naming a brand new ship on July 5th and have another one on order. They trade on being very British (and for the 50yo and older market) but as with most 'British' lines these days only a handful of officers will actually be from the UK. Or there's Hebridean who run a very small luxury ship mainly around the Scottish coast and Western Isles. They're so good that the Queen has chartered the ship for a family holiday.
  11. Yes, if you're in one of the Explorer Suites on a Longship. Otherwise no. It's listed (or not) as an amenity against the stateroom category on their web site if you want to check the ship types on non-European cruises.
  12. They're where they've always been (unless I've misunderstood your question) in the All Other Cruise Lines Roll Calls forum. Glenndale has helpfully created an index thread here containing links to the roll calls themselves. As for social media, you're on your own: discussing that in any detail isn't encouraged on CC.
  13. River cruise lines prohibit certain items from being taken on board, but rely on passengers' common sense and self restraint rather than devoting time and effort to inspecting bags. If alcohol isn't on the prohibited list you may take as much on board as you can carry and store in your cabin, and some lines are quite happy for you to consume it around the vessel. If in doubt check with Avalon.
  14. I was about to make the same point. Our first cruise was on Saga and cost the proverbial arm and leg, but things like the included wifi, and bottles of water when going ashore, rather spoilt our experience on cheapskate lines like P&O and Cunard 🙂 where lots of little things cost extra. You've obviously paid for all the goodies several times over on the inclusive lines but you feel much more looked after.
  15. They do appear to release shorex info later than most lines which was why they just didn't make top spot in the recent Which? review of cruise lines. To be fair the reason given in the review was that shorex prices aren't available at the time of booking which doesn't make much sense: I've never seen excursion prices at the time of booking any of the (comparatively few) ocean and river cruises we've been on. Saga does make it that bit more difficult to weigh up whether to book private excursions or not. 102 days out from Myths and Legends of the Baltic with no excursions listed, whereas with our July Viking River cruise we'd booked the excursions in late November i.e. months before final payment date. Which reminds me that I need to pay the balance to Saga PDQ.
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