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  1. Yes of course. But we need to focus prevention efforts on areas that are reasonable and likely a problem. It is far easier for a burglar to drive down a street and look for mail or newspapers piled up to identify a target, than to research who on the internet is on a cruise and try to cross reference that with the ones that are in their area. That said, I am far more concerned with having lights at my house on timers when I am gone, trusted neighbors watching my property and collecting mail, maybe even moving cars around, having a Ring camera system on my property as well as a sign showing my home is monitored by cameras and by a large, angry dog, then I am about who on the internet might be trolling for people out of town. Burglars identifying targets by trolling cruise websites and Facebook is just not something that happens often enough for me to worry about. Like I said earlier though, if it is something that would worry YOU during your cruise then you should absolutely take precautions so that is does not fester in the back of your mind and ruin your vacation.
  2. Agreed. I always see these posts about not putting things on Facebook about being away from home. After 30 years in LE, the only two cases I know of where someone used that information was someone who already knew the folks leaving on vacation. Burglars don't do a lot of online research. They do street research. They drive through neighborhoods and look for good candidates. Here is an example of one, but again the burglars likely knew of the plans already as they knew the people they were burglarizing. https://theweek.com/speedreads/455792/familys-home-burglarized-after-post-vacation-photos-facebook I would be way more concerned about cyber crime from things posted on the internet then about someone burglarizing my house. But we all have different levels of risk tolerance. In other words, you do you... 😉
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