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  1. Call Princess and ask for the gift card dept. I did and got a virtual gift card and bonus card immediately. Have your booking # for the cruise that you were sailing on.
  2. Has anyone ever stayed at Hotel Pur (a Marriott Property) in Quebec City?
  3. Thank you all..I made my decision. I'm going to fly into Quebec City
  4. I have never gone to Portland Maine. It has always gone to Bar Harb. Any suggestions?
  5. Leaving on a cruise out of Quebec City---Would anyone suggest flying into Montreal (non stop) or Quebec City (have to stop). And then take a bus the next day from the hotel to get to the port.
  6. Yes, drydock til next week. Regularly scheduled drydock.
  7. I also will be hitting my 500th sailing day in May and it does not have anything listed on my travel summary.
  8. You get one medallion for both sailings. They will contact you on the ship by a letter in reference to the next sailing. The check in staff in Brooklyn does not inform you.
  9. I am still on the fence as a solo. $898 without perks or $1298 with the BSE. If I factor in the tips at $101.50 and unlimited internet at about $54. Would spending $250 for the drink package be worth it (not a huge drinker). I trade my mini bar for coffee pkg, so I would not be using the drink pkg for coffee.
  10. I called Barclays last night and they said it will added on within 10 days.
  11. Same thing here. Glad I read CC, otherwise I would not know I was missing my double points. Mine also is labeled Sky Princess without the double points. I will call them Thursday to let them know I am missing the points. Thanks you OP.
  12. How I wish I had the same mailman everyday--then maybe I would get my mail..may be missing some Princess ads LOL
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