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  1. We are on a cruise docking at Montego Bay, 9am till 8pm We want to do a taxi day tour, to see the following: Blue Hole / Secret Falls Martha Brae River Rafting Dunns River Falls We've been quoted $500 USD, for taxi tour and entrance fees, and the best we've been quoted is $250 without entrance fees. Am i getting ripped off and could I get it cheaper on the day at the port? Just not sure what the going rate is for taxi tours? Any help would be great
  2. I have been quoted $250 for a day tour, visiting Chacchoben ruins and Bacalar Lake. I was wondering if this is the going rate / or a good price for this? Or would I be able to pick up a taxi at or outside the port cheaper and get a day tour? If so where do you go to get the best taxi and does anyone know how much?? Thanks
  3. Can anyone recommend a tour guide for Santa Marta? We are looking at going around Minca. We would like to see the lost waterfall, hammocks in the mountains, coffee plantation etc. I can't seem to find anyone that will visit the things i want to see. The one guy i did find quoted $500! Really struggling to find anything to do here or anyone that can provide a good tour. Help lol
  4. @mitsugirly What would be best Caye Caulker or Goffs Caye. I doubt it would be possible to do both? I cant decide as they both look gorgeous. Amazing pictures! Can you go to Goffs Caye at the port or is this something you need to book in advance?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I think we will have to leave Goffs Caye, it doesn't seem practical unless you do private which is way out of budget. Thoughts on this... So, we're going to look at going Altun-Ha soon as we get off the ship aiming for get back at 12-1. Then jump on the water taxi to Caye Caulker, hopefully 12 or 1 till 4ish. I have heard they water taxi's run every hour...
  6. Sorry, I mean, how to get to Goffs Caye from the cruise port. So, if i was at the cruise port I couldn't get a group boat over for x number of hours? - Are there no tours waiting for you off the ship to get over there?
  7. How easy is it to get to Goffs Caye on the day at the cruise port? We're hoping we can get there in the afternoon and take a boat over for 2-3 hours? How much would it be and are they freely available?
  8. Im considering getting Altun-Ha done in the morning, then getting back for around 12-1. At the cruise port area, is it easy enough just to jump on a boat and go over to Goffs Caye on the day?
  9. Hmmm lot to think about, thanks for the info. Think zip lining might be tough with the 2 year old.
  10. Is there anything that could be combined with Altun Ha thats close, or some nice beaches nearby (that aren't full of cruise ship people)? If we did Altun Ha we'd get back for say 1pm, then there's a fair bit of time we could be doing something? Any recommendations? Is Altun Ha worth it over Goffs Caye?
  11. We have from 8am till 6pm in Belize City. We was thinking of doing Altun Ha in the morning and getting back for around 12-1pm. Then doing the remaining time at Goffs Caye, i thought there might be enough time as we're in port for quite a long time. There's 2 adults and 2 children, ages 6 and 2. How much are the tours at port? Those prices above seem reasonable! Think the time we have, do you guys think its do-able now?
  12. Without being cheeky, how much was your tour? We're looking for a tour on our cruise day, but getting quoted $400 plus!
  13. So, me thinking I was being clever, I decided to get a few quotes for excursions in Belize. We are there from 8am to 6pm and were interested in seeing the following things: Shark Ray Alley Belize Monument Sign Altun Ha Mayan City Goffs Caye I have just had a quote back of $600 USD to see Altun Ha and visit Goffs Caye. Which is pretty much the price of a weekend away in Europe! Are tours this expensive when you're there, as I'm wondering if i should just wait till I'm at port and see what's on offer? Is
  14. We are looking for people to join an excursion in Santa Marta. Its a private boat trip visiting: - Chengue - Cinto - Cabo San Juan The boat holds 12 people, there are 4 of us. The cost is £490 and this tour is currently sold out on the TUI excursions list. If anyone is interested let me know and I can provide more info 🙂
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