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  1. Not hiding, just taking it all in. Our last HAL cruise was a 2019 TA and the cabins were not ready. Have a spring TA scheduled and hope there won't be any delay. If so my suggestion will be mute. If not, a inexpensive cure.
  2. Because we have to fly either to or from most of our cruises, we both end up with full suitcases, carry-ons and backpacks. We check the suitcases before going on the ship but have to take the carry-on and backpacks with us when we board due to critical contents. We usually board HAL cruises around 11 AM and end up toting the luggage around for two to three hours before the cabin is ready. On a recent Regent (our one and probably only) cruse we really liked the fact that immediately upon boarding we could go to a nearby lounge and temporarily check our items until the cabin was ready. Only one crew member was required and they handed out a claim check used to reclaim the bags. It sure made the initial walk around and get to see the ship tour that we usually do a lot easier. Wouldn't it be great if HAL did the same?
  3. We took our first (and probably last) Regent cruise in late October. The cost was $300/day/person but when you subtract the included air, excursions, drinks, tips, in-room bar, internet and specialty dining, the cost for a very nice balcony cabin (like a small suite on HAL) was about $75/day. This was a re-ported cruise because of the Cuba cancellation and thus the bargain price. Service and food were very good. Excursions great and entertainment fair. The worst aspect of the trip were many of our fellow passengers were real snobs, especially when they found out you weren't "Regent Cruisers". Soured the whole cruise. A great deal does not always a great cruise make. We're back to HAL this spring and Celebrity this fall.
  4. I will soon be leaving on my first Regent cruise and would appreciate some information. These questions may have been answered before but didn't find them. 1. Can you order drinks only thru room service or only in connection with a food order? 2. I have seen comments on ordering a meal from room service by courses. Is this available for only the higher staterooms or for all? 3. Is it normal to tip for room service each time? Thanks
  5. Just looked at the Confirmed Future Order list for new ships thru 2027. I noticed that one only new ship for HAL on the list. What does that portend for HAL's future with several of their existing ships facing retirement or sale in the next few years?
  6. This morning I was forwarded a message from HAL by my TA telling me the April 15, 2020 Trans-Atlantic cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam has been cancelled and rescheduled for April 4, 2020. HAL has taken down the cruise on their website. Anyone know what happened? They are offering some OBC but I expect this will upset some folks.
  7. Are the veranda rooms on the Insignia with a sofa bed as good as the ones without for a couple? Is the only difference is that the sofa makes into a bed versa one that does not? Thanks
  8. My wife and I have taken a spring transatlantic cruise for the past four years, three times on Celebrity and once on Holland America. We are now considering Oceania for a spring 2020 TA. We have been lucky with mostly smooth seas on all four. My wife is concerned that the smaller ship could make a real difference. What has your experience been? Thanks.
  9. On our recent 22 day cruise on the Koningsdam I took a look at the Retreat each time I visited the Crow's Nest. Only saw two of the cabanas in use the whole time. $85 a day for the privilege of sitting in a private wind storm was a little too much it seems. Except for warm weather cruising or one-upmanship, I would say they are a waste. HAL could put the space too much better use for the passengers. I doubt if they made the cost of service back during the 22 days.
  10. Just completed a 13 day cruise and now on a separately booked 9 day one. First cruise, no Mariner Brunch and no "Collectible Gift". This cruise no Welcome Reception and no Brunch. We used to get tiles at the end of every cruise, apparently not anymore. Three Star status isn't worth very much.
  11. I just got a credit for the days without internet service. Went to the desk on deck 12. Very easy but it looks like if you don't ask for it, you won't get it. We use 12 channel Cobra 2-way phones on board and while in port. $39 for the set at Best Buy. They work great.
  12. Every time I ask, I was told the system was "challenged". I will be asking for a partial refund for this very expensive non-service. It's a shame but a reality that we are very dependent on our internet service, even when on vacation.
  13. The transatlantic passage has been mostly smooth so far. The ship, music and staff have been great. I am very glad I booked this cruise. Two minor complaints that I wish HAL would address. The coffee tastes like warm dishwater with a little flavor (ok, so I've really never drank dishwater but it's what I think it would taste like). Army coffee was much better and it was nothing to brag about. I wish HAL had taken the money spent on the Ophra (Went on one and it was a joke) themed cruises and spent it on coffee instead. Other cruise lines have adopted name brand coffee and it has paid off. And don't try to find a real croissant for breakfast, they are at only one station and they are just like the little ones Sam's sells in a carton of two or three dozen for little or nothing, a week old and not flaky at all. Does HAL bake any bread onboard now? Celebrity is by far better in both of these areas, minor as they are but for some of us a good cup of coffee really starts our day right. End of rant!
  14. Do 3,4, & 5 stars get their discount when booking a dining package before a cruise? If not and you purchase on line, can you get the discount applied as a credit when onboard? Thanks
  15. To anyone who's been on the Koningsdam lately. Does the smoke still drift down the staircase from the casino to the music walk? On our last cruise in November of 2017, it was really bad. We have an upcoming cruise and i hope something has been done.
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