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  1. Really doesn't matter if numbers are rising or flattening the curve. Cruise lines listen to CDC and if they deem it unsafe no ship leaves port. Cruise lines don't want to have to quarantine for 14 days.
  2. Carnival has remove from there website cruises in October because they are going to sail at a lower capacity. I was booked on Horizon Oct 3rd but hastily canceled but then reconsidered I jump the gun so hour later called carnival to have cruise reinstated. Carnival no way would even though ship is not full they stated they will be sailing at lower capacity. That's if they sail at all depends on CDC. Because how can u social distance in diningroom or theater's if at full capacity? And they don't want one person to have Covid-19 because then no port will allow them to dock for 14 days. Sent f
  3. When I first started cruising one night on a 7 day cruise they would have midnight buffet and me and my husband would look forward to it. All the beautiful ice sculptures, butter and fruit carvings. And they would have deserts mixed in amoung the carvings to choose and I think cheese appetizers. I'm sure it was a cost saving measure but it was nice and another sense of elegance that accompanied a cruise.
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