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  1. In early December we booked a cruise that leaves next week. I purchased insurance through insure my trip that same day that has cancel for any reason, I didn’t purchase insurance through norwegian. Of course it states it only pays 75% of your total non refundable pre paid costs unless you can for certain reasons. Due to an unforeseen problem, we may need to cancel. Do I call norwegian first or the insurance we purchased, if we have to end up cancelling?
  2. Happy to hear the insurance was so quick. How is your son doing?
  3. Ok my hubby hates wearing dress shoes or a tie he will be happy to hear he can wear nice jeans and a button up shirt
  4. Taking our first cruise on Norwegian next month. We have cruised once on both carnival and royal Caribbean. Someone told me Norwegian calls it Night Out. What night of the cruise is it, and do many people dress up?
  5. We have never sailed norweigan but have cruised once in carnival without the drink package and once on royal Caribbean with the drink package. We didn’t drink enough to come close to breaking even. Now we are looking at sailing on the Breakway in january. Someone I know that has sailed norweigan told me the free offers are worth it, when I priced it with and without the ‘free offers’ I noticed a big price difference. I’m not a big drinker although I may drink 3 daiquiris or beers a day and hubby May drink a few beers a day. I assume if you don’t book the free offers you just put cash or a credit card on your account to pay for the extras like drinks, specialty restaurants and WiFi? Are the drink prices on norweigan close to the prices on carnival and royal Caribbean?
  6. Which port is easier to get to? If we go on the navigator I would rather fly into ft lauderdale the day before. I think someone said pt canaveral is an hour from the airport?
  7. Hubby and I are trying to decide between the four night cruise on navigator and mariner. Are there many differences between the two ships? We are looking at early September and are hoping school will be started so maybe less kids on board? Any advice is appreciated
  8. I saw the waiter standing a ways in front of me when I first starting choking and putting my hands up to my throat. After it was over other guests at nearby tables said the waiter didn’t step forward and if my husband didn’t help me they were ready to come over. I never passed out and I’m fine now of course. All I meant in my original post was I was surprised he didn’t say or do anything. He did come up,to me while I was leaving and said drink some water you will be fine, which at that point I was ok and ready to leave.
  9. We have decided to try royal Caribbean for the next cruise, maybe we will like the food better.
  10. I will say for our first cruise everything else was great! The ship was clean the entertainment and drinks were really good . I’m hooked on cruising I just wish the food was better. If we cruise on a ship with a steakhouse we would definitely go there as most say it’s well worth the charge.
  11. THe food we thought was the worst was the bacon being greasy and undercooked and the flat iron steak in the dining room and the pork loin at the buffet being very tough. Even the baked potatoes were hard. At breakfast they would only bring you a shot glass size of syrup at a time and I asked for sour cream at dinner for my potato and they bought a spoon of it to me. My guess is they think those things and butter and jelly packets are being wasted? My husband bought a fish sandwich at the seafood shack and only took two bites, it was really greasy. I do agree about tastes varying, I don’t like the food at the resorts in Cancun beacause it’s too bland but hubby thinks it’s better than the food on the cruise.
  12. Thanks joepeka, I do agree the quality isn’t what caused me to choke. Maybe the waiter wasn’t sure what to do. I know some say carnival has better food than other cruise lines, this just wasn’t our experience. We heard from other people on the cruise that only cruise with carnival and they were surprised at the food quality on this cruise. They said it’s always been good. I wonder if maybe some of the newer carnival ships with more dining options may be better.
  13. We sailed on victory last week. My husband isn’t near as picky as me and he thought the buffet and dining room was awful. The burgers at guys and the pizza were the best food we had on the cruise. The first night we tried the buffet, we decided to try the dining room the second night. After a couple of bites of food, I choked and our our waiter stood nearby and did nothing. Lucky for me another passenger told my husband what to do. We had a great time other than that and will cruise again, but wondered if the food is about the same quality on all the ships.
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