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  1. We aren't from the UK but we have done this. We prefer the cruise second as we are at the parks open to close generally so it is nice to relax on the cruise afterward.
  2. I think the ship will be full either way. There are likely to be kids on board around Easter since many schools have either the week before Easter or the weeks after Easter off for Spring break. If you would rather less kids on board, I would change it. I don't think most schools have time off early Feb. Some schools do a week break around Presidents Day, but that would be a couple weeks after the sailing you are looking at.
  3. Whether or not the key is worth it is subjective. It is not personally worth it to me. Splitting the one device package is fine if it works for you. Otherwise, even 2 device package, which they can share would be cheaper than purchasing the key for everyone if you don't find the other benefits to be worth it for your family.
  4. Was your laundry ever found? We had 2 socks get lost from the wash and fold bag. I know because I was careful with matching them up before putting them in the bag. The socks were never found, but it wasn't a huge deal they were just socks, one was my daughter's and the other was my husband's. We didn't ask for reimbursement and wasn't offered anything. We also had a pair of pants that was sent out in the normal full priced laundry along with a couple of other things. The pants were eventually found and returned 2 days later.
  5. We did this the last cruise (prior to that we had connecting balcony cabins). Next cruise is booked on Allure and we have an ocean view balcony and the boardwalk balcony across the hall for the kids. We did book the kids in the one room and the adults in the other as I prefer not to have to deal with switching keys onboard. You can not book this way online, you need to call. We will get an extra key for the kids' rooms to check on them as needed and to drag them out of bed on port day mornings. It works well for us. We really need two bathrooms and it just makes it an overall more enjoyable experience for all of us. If they were younger, like lower elementary aged or younger the extra bathroom/more privacy may not be as big of a deal but now that two are teens and one is a tween we all really do better with two rooms. We do the same on land vacations unless we are renting a house/condo.
  6. I just want to be clear... You are trying to switch rooms AND add a 4th passenger?
  7. I would not, especially without a backup plan. Singapore is fairly small and easy to get around, but ti can be pricey. I don't generally have difficulty with jet lag and I am completely fine traveling to Europe. But going to Asia (and back) is harder for me. I need a good 24 hours to fully adjust. I would get in as many hours as you possibly can first. Midnight is better than 6am. On our Hong Kong trip 2 years ago my MIL's flight from MN was delayed which caused her to miss her connecting flight in Seattle which meant she had to stop in Taiwan and she ended up arriving about 30 hours late. When we went to Japan her flight from Minnesota was on time, but her flight from SFO to Osaka had a medical emergency so they had to land in Hawaii. She ended up in Japan about 12 hours later than we had expected. The more hours you have the more options you have to make something work. Both of those vacations were land vacations so it wasn't a huge deal, we just had some small rearrangements.
  8. My favorites were the virgin frozen mojito and the mexican limeade.
  9. Just be aware that the soda package is for fountain drinks and not cans if you are particular.
  10. It is fall break for a lot of areas. This is the first area we have lived in with a fall break, but our kids are off from September 27th through October 14th.
  11. I would see if you can find recent reviews for your ship before booking the cupcake class. I did read reviews and see some really cute cupcakes so I do believe at least some of the ships do an actual class. After we had our experience I did find some other negative reviews though. It seems to be a bit hit or miss. I haven't personally heard many negative reviews on the sushi class though. And as I said my teens loved it and all three kids want to do it next cruise.
  12. You can pay for two, at least you were able to on Ovation last April. My teens did the Sushi class, and I took my girls and a friend's daughter to the cupcake class. On Ovation, at least that particular class, the cupcake class wasn't a class. It was kind of semi organized chaos. Everyone had two cupcakes and they just put candy and icing on the table and you decorated the cupcakes. The decorating took about 15 mins. It took 45 mins. to get everyone seated and then cupcakes passed out. I had read online reviews ahead of time and saw some really cute cupcakes. It was a disappointment for sure. I think at least part of the issue was they were selling the class somewhere on board and people were showing up to the class but the crew in the class didn't have them on their sign in sheet so they just kept opening more tables. There were at least 40 people there for the class, the majority were under 10 and many parents did not stay, just dropped their child off. The sushi class was a lot of fun according to my teens. They love eating sushi and we do make it at home, but they were were more interested in the eating of sushi. They stuffed themselves on their creations and had a great time.
  13. When we first booked Ovation spring 2018 for an April 2019 cruise the drink packages were $70, we ended up paying $49 on Black Friday and it bounced between $52 and $54 when we go close to the sailing. Currently our Allure October 2020 sailing is $60 a day. We aren't likely to buy a drink package at any price this sailing, since we have a lot of days in port, but I'll keep an eye on it.
  14. So far our sailing (on Allure) hasn't changed but thanks for the heads up!
  15. We are still a year out but starting to gather information... With a family of 5 would it be better to split into 2 taxis or arrange private transport? It looks like it is fairly similar in price. We likely wouldn't have a ton of luggage. Edit: It looks like private transport would be less expensive but not a huge difference in price. I am willing to pay more for ease of travel, especially at the end of a trip.
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