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  1. One code, and it worked on 4 devices. If you attempted to sign in a 5th device, you would get an error message. I have heard on some ships it will boot one device off automatically but that was not the case for us. Which was good because my kids are internet hogs. This was on Ovation in April 2019.
  2. Yes, one person, 4 devices is what you need. That's what we ended up using for our family spread over 3 cabins.
  3. No, I wouldn't. We love our dog but I don't think she would love a cruise ship. We do take her on dog friendly vacations like camping trips and she loves that. And she tolerates it when we have to move but she doesn't love hotels or changing houses or flying.
  4. Thanks for your review so far! We were looking at doing one of these cruises awhile back but we just couldn't find anything to interest us that met our schedule. My 2 older kids speak some Mandarin (they are in their 3rd year now) so it seemed like an easy way for them to get some practice in. I am not sure we will do it now, as we are moving back to the mainland USA and have other places we would like to travel to. Maybe someday.
  5. I'm interested. But we travel frequently enough in Asia that I wouldn't mind cruising the area as well. But after our next (short) Japan trip we likely wont be back to Asia for a couple of years. Currently planning a land or land/sea vacation in Europe and then we will likely do something in South America, just to mix things up a bit. Aside from Australia next week our last 5 vacations have been in Asia, with one more planned early summer.
  6. I will admit that I do love to get McDonalds when we travel. Just once, and I always get something that is local to the area. This year we had the Teriyaki chicken sandwich in Japan and the Bulgogi burger in South Korea. But we save that for a day when we are hanging out at the train station waiting for a train or a day we had a big lunch and we are just want something quick before heading to bed. Or even at the end of a trip when we have been gone for 2-3 weeks and are ready for a bit of a change in menu, even if it is fast food. But I can not imagine traveling anywhere and not trying good local food! Even my picky kids will try foods wherever we are. Sometimes they find something the love. Other time, they pick at the rice or noodles or bread and we hit up a fast food place, grab them something at the hotel or even stop at a convenience store. I am glad you ditched them!
  7. 14 days until we board Ovation! 7 days until we leave for the land portion of the vacation! More than ready for some time away.
  8. We will be deck 11 midship (but more forward than mid) next month and I was concerned about possible noise. When I asked the question I had several people with our cabins that didn't have any noise issues. We are in 11214, 11218 and 11217.
  9. That's how it is in my planner as well. At your leisure on the calendar and the time showing up in the order history. I took a screen shot of the order history list of time, mostly for my benefit as the times are close, but slightly different depending on the day and I don't want to mix up times.
  10. We will be on Ovation next so we will just use the imessage glitch this trip. After that I figure we have two options until the youngest turns 13 Paying for Wifi (we will be getting an internet package either way, so it would be just adding a device) or signing the youngest in using my info on her phone and having her contact us on my husband's phone (or one of her siblings). We will also have meet up points/times. And she is only 9 so she wont be totally off on her own but I would like her to be able to contact me if needed. Especially if she needs to leave AO early or end an activity earlier than expected. She has pretty severe GERD and it sometimes comes on quite suddenly. She isn't likely to tell someone else that she isn't feeling well since she gets embarrassed with extra attention. If she signs herself out to go back to the room when she isn't I would rather know sooner rather than later so she doesn't have to sit alone.
  11. No, unfortunately you can't online if you don't do it when you book. You'll have to call, but at least it is an easy phone call.
  12. I was finally brave enough to get through this entire thread. I do have some personal experience dealing with Travel Insurance. While on vacation at an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic 4 years ago, my mother suffered from a perforated ulcer, had emergency surgery, spent a week on life support in the ICU and then passed away. I can say that her travel insurance policy (a midrange plan with no upgrades purchased through a popular big box store) did, along with her health insurance that had some international coverage, did reimburse most of the expenses. Basically, we had to pay for some costs up front, medical insurance then covered what it covered and the travel insurance worked as a secondary policy. Some things were reimbursed or handled very quickly and easily, like getting my step dad's flights changed, etc.. And others were more difficult. Some things were just difficult because we had to wait on a death certificate or other paperwork needed from the government (both US and the DR). I can say it was roughly 13k to transport her body from the DR to the west coast. I don't have and full idea on what the total medical bills were but I know they were well over a 100k. And in case you were wondering, she did have some pre existing medical stuff but nothing to indicate she was on death's door. She had seen her primary care doctor about a week before traveling. She was 56 when she died, so still quite young. You really just never know what life will bring you.
  13. The was smoking in Wisconsin casinos the last time we were there, but that was 4ish years ago. Hopefully that is now a thing of the past there too. I am excited to sail from Sydney next month since there wont be smoking in the casino.
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