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  1. I checked in for everyone, including my MIL who lives in a different state. I just made sure I had all the information from her beforehand, which I had anyway since she travels enough with us that I keep it in a file so I can easily make flight reservations and such.
  2. We stayed here one right pre cruise and it was great. Walking distance to many of the sites. We stayed at the Sheraton Grand Hyde Park post cruise for 2 nights and it was very nice also.
  3. This is a major factor for us since vacation time is somewhat limited. And airfare for the 5 of us.
  4. Interesting. I wonder if this is a nw change. 2 of my 3 kids had salmon every night on our last cruise, but that was In April. They had the horseradish crusted salmon once and all the other nights there was a salmon with hollandaise sauce offered.
  5. I honestly wouldn't worry about it, even if they are disorientated. The balcony doors are not that easy to open, so it isn't like it is something they would do on accident. Also, the railing is high up enough that they would have to be standing on something ot climbing on to the railing for it to be a danger to them. My then 9 year old sailed with her grandma in a balcony last spring and it was not something that concerned me. She was not able to open the door without assistance until the very end of the cruise and even then she struggled to get it open. She wakes at night frequently due to some tummy troubles and we do travel with a battery operated nightlight for the bathroom that is fairly bright (and leave the door cracked) as well as a small flashlight by her bed.
  6. On our cruise on Ovation last spring so many of the arcade games weren't working that my son struggled to use the credits he had and we had 5 sea days. On the last cruise we bought differently depending on the child and what they would use. My oldest daughter doesn't drink soda but does have 2-3 speciality teas, 1-2 coffees plus 1-3 mocktails, so we got her the refreshment package. She did use it enough to pay for the $18 a day it was on our sailing. My son had the soda package. He had 1-3 sodas plus 2-3 powerades per day so it did pay for itself. We didn't purchase anything for my youngest, she has tummy problems and can not have anything carbonated and really has to watch how much sugar she has so she saved her sugar allotment for ice cream on the pool deck and stuck to water. We did not carry any soda/water on board, just used the packages and brought reusable water bottles to fill on the ship. As for waiting for a drink at dinner, the sodas were brought our fairly quickly, we did have to wait a bit for adult beverages as well as a mocktail.
  7. I wasn't saying that the safety regulations are waived. I had read here and on another site that heating pads are something that can be requested from the special needs department. You wouldn't bring your own, one would be provided to you to use. If I had a need for a heating pad I would inquire with special needs to see if that was true.
  8. Those are allowed and they work fairly decently. I have also heard that if you contact the special needs department they can provide a heating pad for use on the ship.
  9. Yes, the credit will go back to you. I am fairly certain it goes back immediately.
  10. This is what we have booked next on Allure. I think it seems like a great combo! I think my oldest would have preferred a CP balcony since she likes the quiet, but they didn't have any left that slept three.
  11. This is what we have done with our kids. Ours were 15 and 13 for the last cruise (the youngest bunked with grandma). For us, 3 2 person cabins was cheaper than 2 cabins (one 2 berth and one 3 berth) or a cabin that slept 5 so we invited Grandma along. Next cruise all three kids are across the hall from us, they will be 16, 14 and 11. The 16 year old is fairly small but my son is 5'10" and growing rapidly. With 4 adult sized people and one tween it is nice to have additional space. And an extra bathroom is a huge bonus.
  12. We have two cups, both of ours also measure 20 oz exactly to the rim. I just measured to check.
  13. If you like ice in your drink you could fill that directly into your personal cup and the use the royal cup to get the soda and pour that over the ice. Honestly, it seems like more trouble than what I am willing to go with. If you are just looking for a regular coke or something you may find a bartender willing to fill your 32oz cup using the gun. You would just need your seapass card then. I have no idea if they would do that, as I have never tried, but it may work.
  14. Same! OP- Thanks for posting! I'm loving your photos. And congratulations on your upcoming marriage. My husband and I married on November 9th (back in 2002) It was a perfect fall day for us and hopefully it will be for your too!
  15. I am pretty sure the ones we received on Ovation last April are 20oz. The seem to fit about the same as our 20oz Yeti cups.
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