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  1. Yes, I am pretty sure you can not use the FCC for the actual deposit, which is why I was hoping to just move my sailing. It probably would have been better for me to wait, vs. canceling. but I am just tired of dealing with it. So, if we decide to attempt a cruise we will have to put a new deposit down and then apply the FCC, which is fine enough. But I think I will hold out and just see what happens first. Worst case, we will split up and not do a family trip just a couple of short cruises with either dh or myself with whichever kids can make it. Honestly, not doing a big family cruise would likely save us several thousand dollars since we would probably just do a quick 4 night sailing or something and not getting many, if any, extras. We would just do a land vacation somewhere. Quite honestly, the land portion of our vacation was much easier to change and everything was canceled and refunded promptly so that was nice.
  2. Thanks. I didn't really expect to get everything sorted out today, I knew I would have to call back but I was hoping to be abel to move the deposit vs. canceling. But oh well. I am just a bit hesitant to give Royal more money at this point since it seems to take a very long time to get anything back, including a FCC. Plus I really don't want to get stuck with multiple FCCs since I am not sure how often we will be able to cruise together as a family now that my oldest will be off to college soon.
  3. I finally figured out a cruise that would work for us to switch to and then lift and shift but the big box TA I was working with can't move a deposit to a new cruise date without supervisor approval and can't get a supervisor since we are considered a group booking (2 rooms for the 5 of us) until Tuesday since the group office is closed for the weekend and then the TA office is closed on Monday. Ugh. So I just went ahead and cancelled via CWC. Now to decide if I want to give Royal more of my money for a deposit or just roll the dice and see what happens knowing that eventually I will see the FCC. It just seems like everything is backed up so I am not counting on that coming anytime real soon.
  4. Thanks. That was what I was afraid of, I would much prefer just a straight yes or no. I guess I will just a give it a go and see what happens. Thanks again.
  5. Ok. Thanks. Last question. The "like itinerary" I understand that for the most part people have not been able to switch from say a western to an eastern. But have people been having luck switch one labled as an eastern holiday to an eastern or a eastern to a eastern & perfect day, etc... Just wondering before I put too much effort into looking at possibilities.
  6. Ok... I have a question. I am pretty sure you can't do a lift and shift from a non holiday cruise to a holiday cruise. Like, an early December cruise to cruise that would be over Christmas (and New Years?) But could you move a cruise from December 20th 2020 to December 18th 2021? (dates just examples) I am not even sure if it meets all the other requirements as I was thinking L&S wasn't going to work for us, so I haven't paid close attention to the details.
  7. Possibly. I wouldn't cruise in the next few months if masks were required...but I am not likely to cruise in the next few months to a year anyway. Beyond that, I don't know. It just depends on what the "normal" is. I would wear a mask to travel in general and have worn a mask on a fairly frequent basis when traveling for various reasons so it isn't something that is out of the realm of possibility for me.
  8. We were just a bit ahead of you. October 4th. We were supposed to do 10 days on land pre cruise, taking our oldest who will be graduating next year back to where she was born. We were hoping to move the trip to a post graduation trip summer 2021, but none of the dates line up right. So we will (hopefully) do a land vacation summer 2021 so we can hit the places we want to take our daughter and then hopefully find a time for a cruise sometime that fall or the following spring, It is getting harder to find times to travel as a family now that the kids are older and have so many more obligations.
  9. I, too, wish they's cancel Europe or other select sailings that don't seem like they will be possible. We were supposed to be on Allure out of Barcelona in October, but we wont be sailing on that one for sure. We can't do Lift and Shift since we wont be able to travel due to work/school Fall 2021. I figure I will wait until closer to final payment to cancel for the FCC as I would prefer a refund since so much seems up in the air at this point.
  10. The lift and shift sounds like a great option for some. Unfortunately, it wont work for us. For now, we are going to wait and see over the next few weeks but we will likely cancel our fall 2020 sailing and try something next summer instead.
  11. When I lived in Guam I would call around dinner time. Here in the states I call when I get up, around 5am mountain time. I generally don't have to wait more than 2-3 minutes at most. I would expect a higher call volume in the next few days in particular. I am not sure when your 48 hours is up but keep calling and try different times of the day.
  12. I don't think anyone should use the Diamond Princess as an example of transmission. There were just too many variables that could have led to the outbreak on board. Primarily, we still have no idea how many of the passengers would have tested positive pre quarantine as they didn't test everyone to begin with. While they think patient zero from the Diamond Princess was the man that disembarked in Hong Kong it is not know for sure that he was. Also, some passengers on board were finding loopholes in the quarantine (interacting on balcony's etc..) and crew could have also contributed. So while it is possible that transmission was happening through vents or pipes there is not enough evidence to say for sure one way or another what went wrong on the Diamond Princess.
  13. `I haven't cruised with my kids on my own but I have traveled with them internationally on my own pretty frequently. Or sometimes I will be traveling with one or two kids and my husband with the other one or two. Or sometimes my oldest is traveling on her own. In any case, we always have notarized paperwork giving permission from the other parent to travel. When my husband and I were in the military we always made sure we had a generalized letter giving permission to the other parent to take the child out of the country. In those cases, it was more general, for 6+ months at a time. We did that paperwork at the same time we did our POA paperwork so all our bases were covered if needed. Honestly, I have never needed any of it entering or leaving any country. Sometime we have been questioned a bit by immigration officials. Nothing too crazy, they have just asked me or the kids a few things like "where are you headed" or "is dad waiting for you at home?" Or other questions that could easily just be small talk. I feel more comfortable being prepared even if I never need any of it.
  14. It isn't confusing. The typo is just funny. If you look under the blue line it says " which includes undresses or slacks..." instead of sundresses and slacks.
  15. My teens did it last April and they loved it. They made several rolls and had a lot of fun. They weren't able to finish what they made. On Ovation last April they could not take the leftovers with them, but I have heard you sometimes can. They felt it was worth it. Both of them and my 10 year old will be doing it again in the fall. I would like to do it myself at some point. I have made sushi before so I don't know that I need a class but it looks like you get a lot for the $35.
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