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  1. We are booked on the Dawn next November (2020) out of Barcelona to Venice with the reduced airfare option. It is a crapshoot what flights you get but you can figure out a good idea just looking at MIA to BCN and seeing the typical flights/routing available. If there are no direct to Europe flights from MIA to start with, then you're going to fly to a hub in the US first before the transatlantic most likely (Atlanta, Charlotte, NYC, etc.). Even in Europe, you may still fly through a hub there such as London, Paris, Amsterdam before the final flight to Barcelona. We are flying out of Atlanta for the sole purpose of practically guaranteeing we fly Delta and will leave on a transatlantic directly from Atlanta instead of having another US layover. I would definitely opt for the schedule deviation and fly in a day or even two early. It's likely worth it to get there and have a day or two to adjust to the time difference and recover from the long flights.
  2. I'm Caesar's Diamond by way of Founders Card and have done the complimentary trip to Atlantis twice now.. Once was just a 4 day stay in the Beach tower w/ no daily resort fees (they were waived as an option that trip). Second time we stayed 8 days on two back to back 4 day complimentary stays (traveled with another Diamond member) - also again in the Beach tower but this time waiving resort fees was not an option. We dined at a couple o the restaurants on site but would also go into Nassau to eat as well which is much cheaper. We actually have another trip booked to Atlantis this September and this time we're staying 4 days in two rooms at the Royal tower. Now the offer is Royal tower during off-peak season and Beach tower during peak season. As long as you know the price of food and the daily resort fees going into it, it's not a bad deal if you enjoy Atlantis. Our 8 day trip ended up being around $900 for the resort fees, food, drinks, etc. and the room would have been over $3000 for the 8 days we were there if we paid out of pocket. It was worth it for us.
  3. November 22 and 29 both apparently cancelled. I’ve received letter about my 22nd cruise and offering 15% off on new booking within 15 days.
  4. I got email cancelled. My travel mate has not. No no reason given. Also appears TA after us was cancelled.
  5. Something is going on with Getaway in Europe this year and next... NCL has now canceled the November 22nd and 29th sailings from Rome next year as of about an hour ago (per my email). The only compensation offered was 15% off a future cruise but you MUST book in the next 15 days and up to $300 toward airline change fees (which no one is going to have since it's a year and a half away)... I'm a little pissed because I booked this cruise when they were offering Take All Four along with reduced airfare... There isn't a comparable replacement cruise either during the same time frame. 😕
  6. They essentially do give you $250 to pay part of your bill... They charge $500 for the two certificates and then they give you $250 back to pay part of the $500 they just charged. It really is quite simple to follow.
  7. There is also the option of doing a NCL tour that includes being dropped at the airport as well.
  8. Did they book the FREE/Reduced airfare offer or just book regular airfare through NCL along with the hotel? Multiple people, including myself, have been told when you book the Free/Reduced option that flying early or staying later is absolutely not an option. You must fly in the day of the cruise and return the day of debarkation. Someone above mentioned a diversion fee and I even asked about that as I booked a Rome cruise in 2020 with airfare and would love to fly in at least a day early to see Rome but we were told there was no option at all to do that. Now, if you just book regular airfare that is not part of the promotion, then yes, you can book pre and post cruise hotel along with your trip.
  9. The more I see it, the more it grows on me to. I remember when Breakaway was unveiled and I thought, OMG, that's crazy looking... But now I love the hull art of BA... I think NCL's hull art certainly makes them stand out among other ships in port.
  10. Ok, I'm going to be THAT person that dredges up a dead thread... I follow a couple of FTR:TBP performers on Facebook and one of them posted today that this is the final week for the show... The post makes it sound like it is indeed the show ending and not just his contract ending. Anyone seen any news about a new show taking its place on Escape?
  11. Technically, they are swapping deck space. The area that was used for laser tag on Bliss is becoming sun-deck space on Encore... And the area that was Spice H20 on Bliss, is actually becoming the Galaxy Pavilion with a new deck being built on top of that where the Laser Tag will be located. In the grand scheme of things, they are actually adding additional square footage to Encore...
  12. If you use the airfare directly through NCL, you don't have the option to fly in early or stay later unfortunately.
  13. We just booked a 7 day cruise from Rome using the reduced airfare and flying from Atlanta. Got it for $699 which is cheaper than what we normally find from Atlanta and it also included all other perks too.
  14. Twice on Epic and thoroughly enjoyed both times. To me, Epic has the best Thermal Suite in the fleet as well. The only downside is the bathroom set up but if you know what to expect before hand, it's really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
  15. GOTCHA! I didn't realize you were on the TA and that's what you meant by not booking a flight from Miami. Makes so much more sense now. We're booked on the 24th departure so I'm just hoping everything stays on schedule and on track to keep that date. Fingers crossed. Robert
  16. They are keeping B&C and turning it into a combined and expanded Terminal C. The new terminal will be Terminal B upon completion.
  17. NCL still has a terminal.. Regardless. So you would only book the cruise if you knew the ship was actually docking at the new terminal?? I'm confused...
  18. I think it depends on timing of construction but should definitely be one of the first if not the first.
  19. Likely not happening... The underlying structure to support the weight of the track and cars is just likely not there without effective the weight and balance of the ship.
  20. Epic and newer I believe are all co-Ed with separate locker rooms. Older ships are mainly the ones that may have separate lounge areas/saunas/etc.
  21. I seriously, really hope posting the same question 3 times helps you figure out that your luggage is taken when you arrive at the port and hand it off to the porters who are there taking the luggage.... 😕
  22. I seriously, really hope posting the same question 3 times helps you figure out that your luggage is taken when you arrive at the port and hand it off to the porters who are there taking the luggage.... 😕
  23. I seriously, really hope posting the same question 3 times helps you figure out that your luggage is taken when you arrive at the port and hand it off to the porters who are there taking the luggage.... 😕
  24. Alcohol packages must be purchased by the first two occupants I believe unless something changed. If there is a 3rd (or 4th person), I don't think they have to purchase the alcohol package. I seem to recall at one time that soda packages would be required of the first two as well if you tried to book it online... But I think that may have changed now. We always just booked soda package on the ship after we boarded. Why not just choose the alcohol package as a free perk though instead of paying for it? It's really not worth it if you pay full price for it.
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