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  1. Booked last night, added this morning. It said 15 minutes so I was worried when I checked this afternoon and it wasn’t there but I’ll keep checking!
  2. cruise isn’t until January and I added the reservation number and when I try to add it again it says it’s already added but when I look in my account it says I don’t have any upcoming cruises.
  3. I booked a cruise through another company and added my reservation number to my RC account but it’s not showing online. This is my first time booking with RC so I’m not sure if this is normal? I was hoping to look at drink/dinner packages but can’t since the cruise isn’t on there.
  4. Hey all! We’re planning on cruising in September with a stop in Nassau. We’ve gotten off the boat once and wandered around the shops by the pier and we’ve just stayed on the boat once too. My little one is 4 and isn’t a fan of water slides so I’m thinking the Atlantis Aquaventure would be a waste of money. Any tips on the best excursions?
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