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  1. 2 minutes ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    Did your TA give you Royals booking number or theirs.  You need Royals booking number, ask your TA for it.  All mine are showing just fine and I booked through a TA

    cruise isn’t until January and I added the reservation number and when I try to add it again it says it’s already added but when I look in my account it says I don’t have any upcoming cruises.

  2. Hey all!

    We’re planning on cruising in September with a stop in Nassau. We’ve gotten off the boat once and wandered around the shops by the pier and we’ve just stayed on the boat once too. My little one is 4 and isn’t a fan of water slides so I’m thinking the Atlantis Aquaventure would be a waste of money. Any tips on the best excursions?

  3. I'm sailing out of Miami at the end of the month and using Disney transportation from the airport. The last time we did this out of Port Canaveral and we did not have to select a port arrival time, we were just able to check in right away in the morning after arriving at the port. This is my first time doing this out of Miami and it's asking me to select a port arrival time. Is check in done differently in Miami? 

  4. It would be quite unusual to cancel the cruise. DCL may delay the cruise, or, if possible, have it leave port early, but outright cancel? No.


    Once a cruise is in progress, the Captain will move the ship as far from the bad weather as possible. Ports may be changed.


    Awesome, thank you! I don’t mind changing ports just so long as we don’t get to Florida and have it cancelled.

  5. Headed out on the Dream on 9/10 out of Port Canaveral and there is supposed to be a tropical storm hitting that day. Will they still cruise and how early would they let us know if they are cancelling?


    Also, if it rains the whole cruise do they plan any extra activities inside? I’d be fine watching movies and eating good food all day but DH might not be.

  6. Thank you for the replies. We have never boarded in the morning before, it’s always been the afternoon and we’ve walked right on the ship. Should we wait until later to ride the shuttle or is it fairly quick in the morning? I have a 3yr old and I’m just not sure how we would entertain her if we had to sit waiting for a few hours.

  7. We’ve taken our now 3 year old a few times and used the shuttle each time. We generally go later in the afternoon and there aren’t as many people on the bus so she gets her own seat. Also, they play cartoons on the TVs so it’ll help keep her entertained!

  8. Hey all!

    Just booked our third Disney Cruise and we’ll be leaving in September. This is the first time we’re flying in the night before so I have some questions.


    First, we are planning on staying at the Hyatt in the Orlando airport. So the day of the cruise we’ll walk down to ride the shuttle to Port Canaveral, any idea what time they general start shuttles? Also, is it better to wait for the 2nd or 3rd shuttle or would the first be best for not having to wait in long lines at the port?


    Also, we possibly have a late flight out on the return day, has anyone booked a day room at the Hyatt Regency at the Orlando airport? I’m looking for how much it will cost and if you can book it in advance. Thanks!

  9. Yes it was a 4 night on the Wonder. I've been watching a 5 night and saw it at $2000 for us for a few weeks and now it's up to $2500 so fingers crossed it goes back down. We aren't set on Disney but prefer it so I'm definitely shopping around.

  10. How far out does Disney start doing last minute guaranteed rooms? Last year we booked one 60 days out and paid $1900 for 3 people with a balcony. That set our pricing expectations pretty high this year and so now I'm wondering how long to wait to book a January or February cruise?

  11. We have booked 2 cruises so far through ebates - one with Priceline and one with Travelocity - with no problems so far. One was Royal and one was MSC. On the one for MSC, we found out after booking that we qualified for an additional 5 and 10% off that MSC offers to past cruisers and first responders. Travelocity called them and MSC adjusted the pricing on the reservations. Perhaps DCL can do the same and apply the on board booking to the reservation after booking?


    Good to know! We may just book either way and if they can't apply the discount well use it next time!

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