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  1. I'm from Australia. I did Auckland to Sydney on Solstice in March. My review is here: https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=655276 This was my first cruise with Celebrity and on Solstice and I absolutely loved it. I was worried about the negative reviews as well (I always worry when people complain about food because that's kind of an important part of cruising for me), but we were so pleasantly surprised on board by everything. We really had a wonderful time. We got home and immediately booked again on Solstice to do Sydney to Hawaii in 2021 - that's how much we enjoyed it. It was just excellent. Re tipping - I don't tip any extra. It's included in the fare I pay. I understand there is a culture of tipping in the US, and I appreciate that the crew work hard. I made a point of taking down names of everyone who gave us great service and I listed them all on the compliment cards and in the survey at the end of the cruise, so I'm hopeful they received something out of that. I had such a shocking experience with the bar staff on the ship (really one of the only negative things about the cruise for me), that I wouldn't have tipped them any extra anyway. We did see people slipping the sommelier at Blu money but as we don't drink alcohol I didn't feel the need to. Anyway, my point is that I'm from Australia and I loved it, but I know there were people complaining about the cruise I was on, so I genuinely don't know. I guess everyone has different things that they get out of a cruise, and sometimes I might be having a great time, but it's not cutting it for someone else. Different strokes for different folks.
  2. Hi, I did the POA in August/September 2017. I did the following: Maui - Road to Hana tour - https://www.tourmaui.com/ Maui day 2 - Lahaina on your own tour through NCL (didn't feel confident driving in the USA) Hilo - Mary Lou's Big Island tours (currently not operating due to a death in the family, but if they start up again, they were excellent and I definitely recommend them) Kona - took the tender ashore and wandered around the town Kauai day 1 - booked a movie tour through NCL Kauai day 2 - stayed on board On Oahu we booked a private tour through this company - http://www.privatetourshawaii.com/ - again due to not feeling confident driving in the USA Hope this is a little helpful for you. 😊
  3. It was definitely the same pajamas though I don't recall if I saw them wearing them two days in a row - we often didn't eat in Blu for breakfast two days in a row, so I can't say. But it was weird.
  4. I just stumbled across this thread. On our recent cruise on Solstice we ate breakfast in Blu most sea days, and there were a youngish couple (a man and a woman) who were seated with a large family group. Every morning they wore their pajamas and slippers to breakfast in Blu, and nothing was said by the staff or anyone else - not that I would've said anything to them either because it's not my place, but it was just kind of like, Blu is a bit fancy, and it's a bit weird to not at least have everyday clothes on? Most of the time I don't notice or care what people are wearing, but I noticed that because I was so taken aback by it! I wouldn't have ever considered going into Blu in my pajamas! 😄
  5. Thank you for all the info! I'm relaxing about it now. I'm sure we'll have a great time! By the way - I see you're going on the Pride of America in January - enjoy! We had a fabulous time in August last year. 😊
  6. Thank you! I was worried it was going to be the same set menu for 14 nights. 😄
  7. We're doing our first Celebrity cruise next year to New Zealand so I'm starting to delve into the research side of things. I've searched the boards but haven't found a clear answer to these questions, so I thought I'd start a new topic. We are in Aqua class - a lot of reviewers seem to highly rate Aqua class and Blu. What is it specifically that makes Aqua class so good? Is it the service or something else? We are in an accessible room - we tried to get a suite but unfortunately missed out. Regarding Blu, is it the same menu every night or does it change day to day like the main dining room? There are only sample menus for the breakfast available online. I've read mixed reports on the daily entertainment. I'm mostly interested in doing trivia and attending game shows/theatre shows at night - can I look forward to that while on board? Any input would be appreciated! I'm excited but I like to have an idea of what to expect. 😊
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