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  1. Getaway is currently showing Catrina Rowntree sailing around Patagonia.
  2. Could you tell us which ship you're sailing on and where please?
  3. Every ship on every cruise line is a different experience, but the service and attention to detail is incredibly consistent across all Princess and Celebrity ships. Personally we love dressing for dinner and being served beautifully presented and tasty food in the MDR and specialty restaurants, and the enormous choice of meals and salads in the buffet. Depending which Oceania ship you sail on you may want to hurry back to Princess as fast as you can 🤣
  4. We have just disembarked from our first Oceania cruise after many years cruising on 'mass market' lines such as Celebrity and Princess. We found the Oceania excursions to be a mixed bag, everything from excellent to a complete waste of time and money. In other words, similar pot luck to any cruise line shore excursions. Most buses were full and there were multiple buses for the excursions we chose.
  5. Thanks for posting this Ruth. It's a good warning for future travellers.
  6. No germy hands and included wifi sure do make the food taste better 🤣
  7. I will say this.....you small group of Oceania cheerleaders are good. You manage to railroad every negative comment no matter how mild. How much does Oceania pay you?
  8. We phoned our insurance company to check on 'clauses'. If our house burnt down or was damaged we 'would most probably'' be eligible for assistance to cancel flights and/or cruise but, there was no cancellation cover if we chose to stay and defend.
  9. At least you can get a cold Tiger Beer 😎
  10. Escargots looked nothing like that two nights ago on Nautica. We were served little shrivelled things swimming beside a shell shaped puff pastry.
  11. Thank you for your honesty and indirect support of others here who dare to point out issues with food on Oceania.
  12. It would appear there was a major turn over of crew at commencement of our cruise following relocation to the Southern Hemisphere. This has impacted across the ship but particularly in food preparation, stores and service, everything from the GDR to Room Service has been affected. Please note well, this is not criticism or complaint. Just fact. Now please continue to attack me. We are taking on board all your personal criticisms and will endeavour to correct our dreadful appreciation of Oceania's fine cuisine and service, so please feel free to continue.
  13. I'm not trying to ve difficult but do you really think you've just described the best food at sea?
  14. A meal served hot would be nice.
  15. Currently on Nautica and I'm yet to eat anything that impresses me. In fact DH and I have left most meals barely touched or unfinished. We are not foodies but so far have found the 'best food at sea' to be sorely lacking. Heading to the Polo Grill tonight and looking forward to some improvement.
  16. Looks like they may gave started with beds and linen. It's an easy update without the structural changes involved in a full refurbishment.
  17. Impressions of our Concierge cabin. It's the same size and configuration as many we have sailed in before but has a lot more storage. The dark timber is in keeping with the Oceania image but is a bit gloomy really especially with the old fashioned mustard carpet. The blue door into the corridor is a nice touch. Yes, the bathroom is tiny and you need to sit sideways on the toilet and bang your elbows on the shower walls, but it has a lot more storage options than we've had on other cruise lines. The towels are plentiful and all appear brand new. At the moment they feel a bit like sandpaper but they'll soften in time I'm sure. The amenities are Bulgari, a mix of green and blue. The bed is comfortable and we slept very well last night. The mattress also appears to be new with a deep topper that feels like rubber making the bed a bit spongy but as I say, we slept very well. The bed linen also appears to be new and looks and feels fresh, clean and inviting. There's ample storage and heaps of coat hangers. I always have to ask for more on other cruise lines. The two seater lounge is very low as is the stool provided. My husband found that difficult and asked if there was a chair. Our wonderful room steward provided a chair with arms within minutes. The balcony chairs also appear to be new. Not the table which is wobbly and unstable. And the decking is that new plastic timber which makes it look fresh and clean. For those who don't know this size of ship, the balconies are those little enclosed alcoves. Very private and snug. The safe is small but easy to operate. The TV has the menu for the GDR and there's a selection of DVDs to choose from. There are plenty of electrical outlets but no USB ports. We like the Room Service system where you phone, your call is logged and someone calls you back to take your order within minutes. It seems the Nautica has recently undergone a few upgrades and we're very happy with our cabin. If I've forgotten anything please ask. Edit: in case anyone missed it in my opening post, there's a wonderful bedside clock. Never had one of those before. We usually tra el with our own which we've left in the suitcase this time.
  18. Not looking for spicy, just tasty. We definitely enjoyed the flavours at dinner last night.
  19. Answered you on the other thread.
  20. Good idea. I'll remember that.
  21. This is our 20th cruise but the first on Oceania. We boarded today in Cape Town for a 14 night cruise around South Africa. Thought I'd try to write a blog of sorts for people like me who enjoy learning from the experiences of others. Maybe you'll enjoy our observations. We arrived at the port about 11.15am and were seated in the Terrace Cafe by noon despite a mishap at check in where a visa in my passport was used repeatedly as a failed passport scan and our credit card was applied to two different cabins. (We had to fix this ourselves once onboard). As others have reported we almost had to beg to get a drink, the waiters were so thin on the ground. There was a good selection of buffet food but everything we chose was surprisingly bland and luke warm. Our Concierge Cabin was ready by 1.30 pm. The Muster Drill was interesting in that we all had to follow our group leader to the allocated lifeboat. We were the last group and I reckon the ship would have gone down well and truly by the time we got to our lifeboat! The best thing so far is the bedside clock. Love it!
  22. We know what golf or collared shirts are but I'm fascinated by "slacks and dockers".
  23. Mistakenly thought from your subject you were referring to the comfort level of the balcony chairs. Urgh.....designed to make you spend as little time on your balcony as possible.
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