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  1. We did this cruise. We stayed in Shanghai an extra 2 nights after disembark and flew home to US (US citizens). Absolutely no problem getting 144 hr waiver.
  2. yes they accepted a print out of our flight reservation
  3. If you are entering Shanghai from a different country (Japan) and departing Shanghai to a different country (So Korea) you will be fine without a China visa. You can get a visa waver. The ship should help you with that. The rule for qualifying for a waver (at this time) is that you enter from a different country than China and depart to a different country than China and country you depart to cannot be same country from which you arrived. And you stay in Shanghai no longer than 144 hours.
  4. We just returned from Constellation Asia cruise. We and our friends, nor anyone else we were aware of using the 144hr visa waiver had any problem whatsoever. Other than it took 3 hours to go through immigration lines in Shanghai (they were processing 2 cruise ships). While on the ship, we were given forms to fill out for Chinese immigration. We had to have that form, one copy per person of your hotel reservation in Shanghai and one copy per person of your flight reservations, and passport to present to Chinese immigration. They stamp your passport and you’re on your way. I’m from the U.S.
  5. Thank you so very much! I’ve been trying to find someone who sailed Celebrity and actually experienced this transaction. We’re from the US. Will be on Constellation in January. Cruise ends in Shanghai (prior port before Shanghai is Hong Kong). We plan to stay in Shanghai 2 nights then fly home (via Vancouver, Canada to change planes) to Portland Oregon. This seems to be in compliance with 144 day visa waiver policy. Does this sound ok to you? I’ve emailed Chinese consulate for a confirmation. Don’t know if they’ll respond. For some reason Celebrity just can’t give me a straight answer! Thanks so much!!
  6. I have searched many websites and the Chinese Embassy site regarding visas. I’m looking for someone (on a Celebrty cruise with similar itinerary) who may have gone through the application process in Shanghai for 144 hr visa and also confirmation that Hong Kong- Shanghai-United States entry and exit is valid for that type of visa. That info has not been entirely clear. I’d like to get their feedback regarding their experience with that type of visa. Thanks for your response. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Yes - we are from US. Ship itinerary is Hong Kong to Shanghai & Shanghai to US
  8. We sail to Shanghai from Hong Kong (which as you know, we don’t need a visa for Hong Kong because of such a short 2 day port). I understand there are quirky rules about where you can or cannot arrive from and depart to out of Shanghai. We have the application for a full visa but would sure like to avoid the hassle right now! Thanks so much!
  9. Was wondering if anyone can tell me about their experience obtaining a 144 hour China transit visa at the port in Shanghai ( last port in itinerary). We plan to stay in Shanghai 2 nights after end of cruise and then fly home to US out of Shanghai. Is it an easy process and does it go quickly? TIA!!
  10. Have sailed Solstice 4 times over last 18 months. A total of 42 days. We had aft facing cabins and balconies on deck 8 starboard. Never smelled smoke. I never even saw anyone smoke! We absolutely Solstice and the NZ cruise was amazing! So very beautiful - every minute of it!
  11. We’re sailing on Constellation in January and the last port is Shanghai. We’ve decided to stay 2 nights there after cruise ends. The we fly back to the US. Are you planning on applying for a full China visa or for the 144 China transit visa? Thanks!
  12. We did repo on Solstice last fall to Sydney. About a month before sailing thwy offered 2 for one drink pkgs. I grabbed them! 17 day cruise, lots of sea days - it was worth it! Keeping an eye on Reflection TA repo next Jan 20
  13. sailed Solstoce three times last year. Going again next month. Are they now serving you in buffet or is it still self serve? Wondering because last fall on NZ cruise, we were served all 12 days due to previous norovirus outbreak during previous cruise. Thought maybe by now they changed their serving policy and stopped self serve.
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