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  1. Please don't direct me to the Bonaire board as I haven't received any responses there 😁 Are there any beaches super close to where the Equinox docks in Bonaire? We have an excursion booked but it ends at 10:30 am and we still have all day in Bonaire.....hoping we could do a beach if close to port?? Any info?
  2. Great advice! It never dawned on me to wait til we were on board !!😁🌴
  3. Is the extra $50/pp REALLY worth the food at Murano? We booked it already but using $150 of our OBC....that we can use for other things. Just want to make sure Murano is absolutely worth it on a 10 night cruise on Equinox..... traveling with my mom and sister..... We also booked Tuscan for the 1st night sail away at discounted rate....
  4. Ohhh yes I'm using OBC for 2 excursions....I booked 2 others online with other companies 🌴🚒😎
  5. I just cancelled and rebooked a few excursions that went on sale! It's only for 2 days...many are 20% off 😁
  6. Equinox!!! I'm 45...sailing on her again for ten days in September..... Celebrity is FABULOUS, FUN AND RELAXING!🌞😎
  7. Anyone do this excursion on Grand Cayman via Celebrity?? It's pricey so we want to know how it is..... anyone??😎 🍹
  8. This is awesome info!! We are so excited to go there in September!!!!!!!!🍸
  9. Beverage packages, internet, and select excursions are on sale for 3 days 🍸🍷🍾
  10. Just got off the phone with Celebrity. They are once again tweaking their website which explains why cruise planner etc wasn't working for some people. Everything should be ironed out by Friday she said. I just received an email from X last night saying we owed them money for Murano and Bev package upgrade when indeed I had already paid in OBC and have email confirmations....since they are tweaking their system it caused a GLITCH.....UGH. Which is what prompted my call to them this morning 😊
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