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  1. Good grief. I did not know that the sanitiser did not prevent noro. Obviously the cruise lines would know this. They should have someone with tongs handing out the antiviral wipes. They should also have at least two washy washy people because many people will not wait if the washy washy person is busy. Thanks for the heads up. šŸ˜”
  2. No, sorry. What I mean is that as Hong Kong was still open to Chinese and the HK population is more likely to have it as well, that there was likely an infected person who got on at Hong Kong. They either had mild symptoms or were completely asymptomatic and the (I believe) 83 yo American lady caught it. So people with no symptoms or very mild symptoms can go about their daily life, infecting others without being aware of it. They can have it and get better, all without knowing they ever had it. This is very worrying as it means the virus can be passed on over long periods of time without anyone being aware there's a problem. I hope I explained myself better this time. What sort of freaks me out is I have been on ships where there has been a norovirus going around. They will take precautions but they are really surface level. They will only give you packets of salt and pepper in the MDR but still have menus touched by the previous diners. They also have chairs that people sit on and grab underneath to scoot forward. Do they ever sanitise the chairs, especially in those hidden areas. IMO they need to have a massive increase in hand sanitiser stations throughout the ship. For example, if you want to sanitise your hands between touching the tongs in the windjammer and eating your food, you have to put your food down and walk up to the front of the massive area. There should be auto sanitising stations in every dining cluster in the windjammer. Possibly a serenading trio in the MDR where they give those interested a squirt.
  3. I think its more a case of someone had it and had mild symptoms or was asymptomatic. They did pick up a lot of people from Hong Kong. That's why they were the turned away repeatedly.
  4. Ovation is quantum class and I personally cruised the fjords on her in 2019. She is doing the fjords this season as well.
  5. A quantum class already does the fjords in the southern summer.
  6. It would just be fantastic to have a royal ship here in oz over winter. Possibly it could do a few circumnavigations of NZ in the winter. It might be too rough to do the two day crossing (twice) for every cruise. I think a lot of aussies might be tempted, even though Japan is well and truly trying to ruin the reputation of cruising as a whole. I'm really angry at Japan, but I reckon it'll mean lower cruise prices for the next two years at least.
  7. I think some people can't accept that the Solarium door can be left unlocked in Western waters. Ovation did have some problems with staff when she first came to Australia. Even my 12 yp noticed. She thought it was because the cruise was the cruiseco charter and that royal staff would get on after that cruise. The staff were not trained abd therefore not prepared. They didn't understand the love some westerners have for bread rolls. Tbh, on that cruise from Singapore to oz, I had difficulties with staff. Both Western and Asian. They seemed to shout and lecture a lot. But spectrum would do just fine if she is sent anywhere else. I'm in the process of cancelling my April and May European cruises and would be thrilled if they would send spectrum to oz. It would give royal a chance to gauge winter demand.
  8. They can't send the Chinese crew home. I think passengers would understand. Most if them do speak English, just not to the standard some people would like
  9. I agree, just open the Solarium to all, all you have to do is not activate the locks. The silver lounge becomes the D club and the golden lounge is the suite club. They would do much if they were sending her for less than 2 years anyway
  10. I think it would be far more likely to come to Australia. We don't have a winter ship (southern hemisphere). It would give royal a chance to test the market and much closer. They will charge what they think they can get.
  11. Back in 2019, people on your roll call were concerned about the violence at a port of call in May 2021?
  12. I for one would be up for a 10 night sea day only cruise. I am doing the 31 Oct 21 harmony cruise precisely due to the fact there is only one port. šŸ˜
  13. The R0, mortality rate, and true number of infected are not yet known. China did not bulldoze highways to isolate communities or start building field hospitals because they thought this would be only as bad as the flu. The estimates that I trust are R0 just over 4 and mortality rate of 2%. One major difficulty is China often puts an underlying condition as COD. So when someone gets the flu and dies of that, but they have a heart condition, the heart condition is the COD. In the US and other western countries, the COD would be recorded as the flu. This is one reason why the flu is recorded as killing so few people in China. Iā€™d be more interested in how many people have died from all causes in wuhan over the past six months in graphic format. tldr. Dunno
  14. OK, but radiance is a whole different ship. People who are booked on radiance would be furious if royal replaced her with quantum. For many Alaska is a trip of a lifetime. You can't just change ports and. Itinerary and ship class and expect anyone to bee happy. Quantum could go to Alaska, but possibly as an extra ship.
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