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  1. Lol, yes they do. Please keep posting. I keep hoping they will do something for Australian players.
  2. Let us know what you find out about the European cruise. πŸ’
  3. One thing I’m curious about is why people are letting royal deal with their cruise planner refunds. A month ago, I moved deposits from my April and May Europe cruises. Before I called, I went in and cancelled everything. I don’t have anything booked between now and 31 July, but if I did, I’d cancel it all myself. It sounds like they are under the pump. Fewer moving parts. just got an alert. We are now in a global pandemic.
  4. Thanks for that. Somehow I doubt the age of the pinnacle matters. Too many moving parts. πŸ˜πŸ’
  5. I have several open bookings whereby there are deposits waiting to be applied. Just using these figures as a point of reference - $250 open booking deposit paid onboard a royal ship via credit card. cruise cost $200 taxes $50 if the above were cancelled, would I realise a $50 card refund and a $200 fcc? thanks πŸ’πŸ™
  6. If someone has booked a free pinnacle cruise (these are normally not changeable), does anyone know if that amount (about $2400) would be issued as a FCC if the member decides to cancel? Thank you. πŸ™πŸ’
  7. Just got this WhatsApp message from a cruise buddy. Just got email from RCI cancelling my Quantum 17th and 21st April out of Singapore next year. They will give me $100 OBC each but I need to book by the 10th of March.
  8. They are giving 100 obc (200 suites) to shift booking. They also have airline compo of up to 400 for flight changes, but they require proof FAXED to an email address. πŸ€” This cruise was the last of a b4b. I'll post if and when more come through.
  9. I just received an email from royal cancelling my 11 Jan 2021 cruise. Please be advised that Quantum of the Seas Voyages sailing from 11 January to 19 January 2021 have been cancelled. The full details are included in the attached communication. To ensure that we are able to make the necessary amendments in a timely fashion and to ensure that you will be eligible for compensation, we would greatly appreciate it if you could advise us of your decision by 10 March 2020. We look forward to working with you to ensure that the impact due to this change is as minimal as possible and we hope that we will be able to welcome you onboard. .
  10. I can only imagine there will some rejigging. I recently moved my deposits on a couple of European cruises that I was booked on in April and may. I was pretty sure that travel, especially long distance travel, would become a PITA. I can picture Italy closing its ports and other European countries doing likewise. I read that Austria and Spain have restricted travel significantly to Italy.
  11. I'm booked on b3b on quantum out of Singapore from 28 Dec 2020. I'm looking to shift a deposit (change of sailing) and yesterday noticed that 2 January 2021's 9 night cruise was the only one showing on royals site.
  12. We should all mention that and the stupid new format of the compass in the next after cruise survey.
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