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  1. Any worry of this garage filling up? Is there overflow parking if so? We will be sailing out of NOLA in three weeks, and this is the only part of the trip I'm a little unsure of. We haven't sailed from here in 15 years and the last time we flew in and had a shuttle from the airport.
  2. I too would like to know the answer to this. Can anyone help?
  3. My family has cruised Elation the last two years for spring break and loved it. My wife and I have been on bigger conquest class ships in the past, but honestly I would take the Elation any day over those. The ship is just the right size to give our kids some freedom, but not so big where we felt we needed to monitor their every move. The staff was great and with the smaller size you tend to see more of the same people consistently, this made for a more personal experience.
  4. You should be fine, we have done it a couple times at spring break. You have to be willing to be flexible on room style and location, but there is almost always something available.
  5. Bakersdozen12, I apologize, I may have jumped the gun with my comment. I just haven't really ever enjoyed stopping in Freeport. The pictures you show are def. proving there is much better to be had outside of the port area. I didn't mean to offend you. Also OP I apologize to you for giving this information. It looks as though with the right excursion, you could really enjoy yourself. The biggest challenge I've had is traveling with young children, so that in effect has limited what I'm able to do in port in regards to excursions etc... Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your trip!
  6. Hello all, I just booked a spring break cruise on the Glory out of New Orleans for my family of five. We've reserved a room at the Holiday Inn at the convention center for the night before, along with parking for the week while we are gone. My question comes in regards to getting to port. When I called and reserved, the receptionist suggested we call an Uber or Lyft to get there. Has anyone had experience in doing this? How soon should I call ahead of time to get the vehicle coming? The port is only 1.5 miles away, and I don't want to get turned away too early etc..... Any advice or experiences you have or have had would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Honestly, I would just stay on the ship. Freeport has nothing to offer, outside of a small shopping area right in the port. Enjoy the time while the ship is less crowded.
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